One Piece 3 Ways // Rockin OTK Boots Like A Boss

In a continued effort to maximize my closet I'm going to stay on a semi shopping hiatus of sorts.
I only want to add value to my closet so in an effort to do so I'm sticking to my philosophy of finding at least 3 ways to style a piece before I bring it home. 
I mentioned last week that I had my eye on a few pairs of shoes for this season and I wanted to make sure that I was going to for real be able to wear them and not just in my mind. Because, I can't tell you how many pieces I've bought over the years that have sat in my closet with the tags on or still new in the box because I didn't know how to wear them or I bought them on a whim with no real rhyme or reason. No more. Shopping can be fun. For me it's the thrill of the chase. But I can't justify spending money on things I don't really need simply because it's "in season/in style " when I have a closet full of awesome items that rarely see the light of day.
So, I'm doing a purge at the end of the month to really pare down the wardrobe to what I really wear and what is truly my style. I'm also toying with having an Insta sale for the quality pieces I've never even taken tags off.
But I digress. I was talking about shoes. As I said before, I was crushing on a pair of OTK boots and lucky for me the ones I wanted finally came back in stock in my size so you KNOW I scooped those up with a quickness. (FOMO rears it's ugly head) 
But I still needed to see how I would wear them. I had a few ideas already in my head but of course how it  will look on me remains to be seen.

One Boot 3 ways

So, I don't actually own all of the pieces in this set but hey, it's an inspiration board and a girl can dream right? I do however have similar items so I can pull off most of the looks but I just needed to get a visual feel for how I'd rock them in real life, know what I'm sayin? 
It's kind of a requirement of mine that when I'm debating a purchase I need to come up with at least three ways to style that item otherwise it's a no go. The only exception would be a special occasion dress but that has yet to happen so I'm good.

I am also debating the purchase of some kind of faux fur something. Vest, jacket who knows. It's totally impractical given the So Cal suburban life but I am OBSESSED. It speaks to my inner boho rock mom. And y'all already know how I feel about the graphic tee
Clearly I have a thing for hats. I mean. They're just amazing how they can transform an outfit and help out a bad hair day. Or just protect your hair from the wayward fall/winter weather. It beats having to perpetually look for a ponytail holder to pull your hair back/up.
I'm also learning about the power of jewelry. I said earlier this year I was on a mission to add more accessories to my ensembles and although it's a bit of a challenge with the BabyNinja and his grabby hands, slowly but surely, I've begun to bring back the baubles and I'm loving it.
I've missed my earrings for sure but I'm finding that necklaces, while still enticing to small hands, are where it's at for adding a little oomph to a plain ensemble. 
And sequins are a given. I personally love pairing them with simple tees, jeans, or shorts. Some kind of juxtaposition as to how they're normally worn. It's kinda my thang. My thang. (ten points if you can guess what that's from.)

I'm for sure looking forward to the arrival of my boots this week as the weather looks like it might actually be taking a turn towards fall! Bring on the sweaters and leggings and boots oh my! Fingers crossed they look as cute on as I imagine them to!

How do you decide what to purchase each season? Is there something special on your list right now?

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