Mission Accomplished: No Shop September

Y'all, I am like, beyond impressed with myself. I haven't bought myself one single article of clothing, not even accessories, in over 30 days. That's a whole month of looking and not acting. Say what?? For me or the kids.
if you say so...me in a quilt shop!!!!
It all started after a fellow shopping aficionado posted a photo on IG  issuing the challenge to which I openly scoffed. And then, not long after,I had been on a recent kick of posting in-store items that I was crushing on and a girlfriend who follows the blog + IG (not all friends and family do) asked me how much money I spent each month and for a moment I was taken aback.....did it really seem like I shop that much? Am I giving people the impression that I'm somehow doing big things? I do spend a lot of times in the shops but that's pretty much me getting styling ideas and browsing or just killing time with the boy.
I am on a limited budget as I work for myself and the majority of our income goes to bills, rent and other household expenses so there's not a lot of money left over for fun shopping. When I do shop it's using money I've either saved up for that item, or I just got paid from a makeup / writing job.  And you can bet your bottom that I generally don't pay full price either! I do not have unlimited funds to throw away in the shops.  I wish. Sigh.
But still, I was intrigued at this whole perception versus reality type deal in which what we see online is not what's really happening.  And I don't ever want people to think that I'm something I'm not.

you don't have to buy all the things

So I've made it a point to be try and be truly transparent when it comes to what I'm actually buying versus what I'm just trying on or snapping photos of.  I'll admit that I truly enjoy shopping in most aspects and can totally get carried away (I'm talking to YOU IKEA & Target). I love the thrill of scouring a store for that one perfect item, the butterflies I get when I see said item and find it fits and the bliss that comes when it finally makes it home with me.
But to not shop for a month and make that a plan seemed like a bit of a crazy thing for me to take on.
I hate putting limits on myself like this because I kind of feel like I'm setting myself up for failure. It's kind of like dieting for me, to say  "I can't eat this" only makes me want to eat it more! So I don't diet.
Same goes for shopping. I usually know how much money I'm working with so I know if I can actually get attached to things I see. But again, I was intrigued by the challenge so I took it. Quietly. That way if I failed I wouldn't have to hear any one's mouth but should I triumph (which I did) I could be all  "look what I did!"
So here I am, October 1st and there is not a single new thing hanging in my closet. The only thing I've purchased were groceries and the occasional Starbee's (because hey, I'm NOT giving up my weekly afternoon treat! A girl's got her limits!)
And I'm happy to say, I don't regret not getting anything. In fact, I was all set to break the fast and buy that awesome deer head last week but y'all know it was gone when I went back so there went that. Clearly it was a sign that I should keep it up.
It also gave me a chance to really assess my closet. I've been saying for a few months that I need to do a purge + IG sale but have been procrastinating like it's my j-o-b and this spending freeze forced me to face my closet. I had no choice but to work with what I had and really have fun with my closet. And you know what? I got some cute stuff!!
I had totally forgotten about a few pairs of colored skinnies and a few tops that were crushed together but once I got things out I could see clearly and things started changing.
I've spent the last few years really honing my style and it's just now starting to show up in my wardrobe and I'm happy to say that I could easily get away with not shopping for the rest of the season but let's not get crazy!
It is fall after all and there will be some cool weather ahem...necessities I might need to invest in but aside from one or two pairs of shoes (which will be balanced out by purging several other pairs) I really don't need anything. I know that's going to come back and bite me in the ass for saying that but oh well. It's true. As of right now, I truly do not need much to make it through this fall + winter season. But that doesn't mean I can't look! Or Pin! Cuz you know I'm a Pinning fool!
But it's nice to not feel utterly compelled to spend money I don't really have on things I don't really need to fill some kind of quota or void.
So, that's where I'm at. I didn't shop for 30 days and I survived. I'm pretty sure I could do it again and will probably employ this trick a few more times and I'm now inspired to take on a 30 x 30 closet remix challenge but .....hey....everything in moderation.

Have you ever taken on a no shop challenge? How did that work out? Did you learn anything from it?

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