Links + Love + Libations // Internet Drama Edition

Whoop whoop it's Friiiidaaay y'all!!! It's been yet another crazy adventure around these parts and man, the internet has been on FIYAAH this week!
So many good articles and posts that I have to share and comment on so I may have to do a follow up next week because the web is ablaze with controversy!
On the blog:
This week I talked about amping up my boring basics and bringing new life to them. Who knew a bold lip and a statement necklace could have such a drastic effect? Oh everyone but me. Whatever. Someone could've told me.

I also talked about the art of the selfie. Oh yes, there is an art people. And I'm pretty much a pro. Also, the selfie is here to stay. Get into it.

Pinterest is my late night addiction of choice as y'all may know and this week I've been on a home pinning spree. We may not yet own our dream home but as soon as we do I'll be ready. I've got IDEAS man!
Mint, Coral & Navy - Love the color combo! 5 Of The Prettiest DIY Projects - IKEA hacks via @Glitter Guide 

And special shout out to my BLM girls group for helping me to get to 200 likes on the C2C FB page!! I feel like I can see the promised land now y'all!

Around the web:

* For The Love Of wrote a perspective on the Maria Kang photo that's got people's panties all in a wad and I think she did an excellent job. What's really funny is how people jumped on her afterwards for voicing her opinion. Umm it's her blog people! She's allowed!
That also got my wheels turning about a few other things female related so be prepared for some heavily opinionated posts next week!

* Black girl blonde.  Having recently lightened my hair as well I loved what she said and how she said it. One commentor said something about a 'mental slavery' which I thought was a bit harsh and was kind offended by (now MY issues are showing) but then I wonder did she actually read the actual article?

* When does 'unique' actually become 'uniform ? IFB nailed it with this one about "dressing like a blogger" I've often thought the same thing when looking at photos of blogging/social media conferences - you can visibly tell what type of blogger they are by their outfit choices.

* Barneys New York and the NYPD are being sued by a young college student and it's all because of a belt. A $350 belt but a belt nonetheless.

* The TLC movie debuted this week and apparently "Black Twitter" was on a roll with all the behind the scenes drama the fans never really knew about. I didn't even know there was a "Black Twitter" so there's that. But I did read a few of the more hilarious tweets on Awesomely Luvvie's site and I almost peed on myself. Enjoy.

And then this Vine happened and I died. The #suburbanthuglife struggle is real. Dig it.


No libation this week as I just couldn't find one I was so excited about I wanted to share so instead I'm going to share my favorite quote of the week from the always fabulous Clinton Kelly of "What Not To Wear" and "The Chew" (you can follow me on Pinterest or Insta for more of these pithy posts! bwahahaha)

Writing this one down on a sticky note and putting it up in my studio.

What's been going on in your neck of the woods?

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