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It's been eons since I've had a night out with the ladies. I have a variety of girlfriends and while I would love to get them all together in one space that tends to be pretty hard with everyone's crazy schedules.
I used to host an annual "ladies Night IN" but ever since Baby Ninja came around that's gone out the window as well.
So you can imagine my delight when in late August/early September one of my "Mafia" girls + former co-workers asked if we could do dinner on a Friday for her birthday celebration. We honestly haven't seen each other face to face in over year since K-Dizzle had her baby shower (her baby turns ONE next month) and because she's heard how hard it is to get a sitter and knows us mamas require advance notice she did this in a timely manner. And trust me when I say this is a rarity.
So I happily blocked the date out and studied my closet for an 'appropriate ensemble'.
Of course I Googled the restaurant (City Tavern) because Chan is hip and cool and young....well sort of (hey there 30!) and I live in suburbia and I wouldn't want to embarrass myself or my friends by showing up in a cocktail dress while everyone else is in jeans.

One of the many things I love about my mafia girls is we have absolutely no boundaries. Nothing is off limits and everyone gets talked about. We also have the most inappropriate inside jokes and similar attitudes when it comes to 'other people' ("You can't sit with us") I completely heart these ladies and have missed them terribly. It's one of those misses that you don't realize until you're in their presence ya know?

#mafiaclique - missing Mich
It's not like we don't chat often, we have a continuous group IM and we are all about the IG and text messages but it's not the same as telling a story and seeing someone fall over in their chair because of it or watching their reaction to meeting a person and knowing exactly what they are thinking (I'm talking to you K-Dizzle).

birthday girl photo bomber
So there I was on a Friday, all jazzed about my evening, outfit fully planned out and ready to go, but something was missing and it wasn't accessories. I mentioned earlier this year I wanted to try a bold red lip but have been way to chicken shit to attempt it. Especially after I changed my hair color. But I kept/keep seeing all these fab brown skinned betty's rocking it so I figured what the hell, it's Friday bitches!!

I played around with the shades I had that afternoon and posted a photo to IG and got an overwhelming thumbs up so I was emboldened to 'make it work'.
And work it did. I LOVED how the whole look came together. The best part? the most expensive item I was wearing were my AG cropped boyfriends and I didn't even pay full price for them! (thanks HL)

top: Forever 21  / jeans: AG cropped denim / blazer: Mossimo for Target // Shoes: Target - old

I've been dying to rock this "Thug Life" tee since I purchased it over the summer and the Chansters bday seemed like just the right place. And then some crazy broad thought I was "famous"and I just about died. Clearly proof that the right ensemble can fool anyone! Ha!

We topped off the evening with a pit stop at K-Dizzle's hubby's place of business....hello architectural landmark building where they had my dream floor to ceiling bookshelf complete with rolling ladder. So you know I had to climb up and get a photo!! 

I had such a great time and loved seeing all my girls!! I can't wait until the next time! Shenanigans for all!!

annd that's a wrap! waay past my bedtime!


  1. A night out with the girls is THE BEST!! I had to giggle because my inner circle and I usually plan to get together twice a year - the date is chosen at least 6 months out! And yep, the red lip and the whole look is super cute. BLMgirl

  2. You look great! I love the shirt!


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