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We've made it through another week and begun a new month! Officially in October we're just now starting to see glimpse's of fall in the weather this past week as it's cooled down quite a bit in the evenings. Now if only the midday would catch up!  (can't believe I'm saying that) But I've got boots I want to wear!!

* Speaking of boots.....y'all know that this week marked the end of my self imposed shopping shut-down and by Tuesday I was ready to spend some of my well saved cash.The only problem is the boots I originally thought I wanted to buy were sold out in my size. No problem, I had other options. Well those were sold out too! I was determined not to pay over $100 so I resigned myself to stalking the website in the hopes they would re-stock and lo and behold I checked the site yesterday morning and boom! There they were! You never saw a woman so happy standing at her desk! I put them in my cart and checked out with a quickness! Not gonna get caught slipping here! This time next week I shall be the proud owner of my long sought OTK boots.

* Earlier in the week I shared how a $15 tee shirt and a bold lip color brought out my inner suburban gangsta and I had to rep that Housewife 'Thug Life' in the hipster streets. The struggle is real.

* Oh and if you need some fall shoe inspiration take a gander at this collection I threw together. This is what happens when I can't shop. I Polyvore.

* I also whipped up two awesome dinners on the same night. And did I mention they were both from scratch? Yeah. I did that. But I still managed to make time for a selfie.

* I'll be headed to the Macy's Culinary Council at their South Coast Plaza store on Saturday so if you're in the area, shoot me a tweet and say hi!

Around the web:

Fellow BLM girl Andrea of Be Quoted was featured in Clutch Magazine on Wednesday. Her piece about filter shaming had me cracking up and shaking my head. Why must people take things so seriously?

* I have a new girl crush. Grasie Mercedes Fahey of Style Me Grasie. I found her on IG and then the blog and am now in a full on love affair with her style. Her mix of NYC edge meets L.A. boho is always eye catching and has me re-thinking quite a few pieces in my wardrobe.

* Rounding out Paris Fashion Week designer Rick Owens opened his show with a full figured step team in the biggest display of women of color at the shows. It was BANANAS and the best thing I've seen to come out of any of the shows.

* Usher + Sesame Street + ABC's = groove central for me and the Boy Ninja. I'll be humming this all day thanks.

* I found this amazing board on Pinterest and subsequently got lost down a rabbit hole.

* This week there are two drinks - my friend Andrea has this awesome GwynethMadeMeDoIt account on Instagram that led to a column on Babble and now she's writing a 31 Day series on clean eating from an approachable and affordable standpoint. Being in charge of the grocery shopping and thusly my family's health I'm definitely interested to learn more. But she's not like anal about it. Girlfriend still likes to get her cocktail on. She's just smarter about it. So in honor of that the first drink is a juicer's dream. For reals.


Green Dream

Green Dream Ingredients  1 ounce Organic Avenue Giving Green juice 2 ounces Organic Avenue apple juice ½ ounce Organic Avenue lemon juice 1 ½ ounces Crop Harvest Organic Cucumber vodka

1 ounce Organic Avenue Giving Green juice
 2 ounces Organic Avenue apple juice
 ½ ounce Organic Avenue lemon juice 
1 ½ ounces Crop Harvest Organic Cucumber vodka


Combine ingredients, shake, strain over ice and garnish with cucumber fans

And then just for fun because it's October

Ghost Cosmo

Ghost Cosmo Ingredients  2 parts Jacob’s Ghost White Whiskey 1 part John DeKuyper & Sons O3 Liqueur (orange liqueur) 1 part white cranberry juice ½ part fresh lime juice


2 parts Jacob’s Ghost White Whiskey

1 part John DeKuyper & Sons O3 Liqueur (orange liqueur)

1 part white cranberry juice

½ part fresh lime juice

Build all ingredients over ice in a mixing glass, shake and strain into a chilled  glass. 

Garnish with a lime wheel


What's on your agenda for the weekend?

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