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It's no secret that I'm a jeans and tee type of chick. It's been my go to outfit of choice for years when going out because of it's simplicity and ease with which it can be transformed. As soon as I discovered the Mossimo pocket tee I bought 3 each of white, black and grey because I knew they would become fast staples in my somewhat un-inspired wardrobe. Being somewhat of a shoe lover I was always more fixated on what was happening south of my ankles rather than the rest of my ensemble. In fact, that's how I generally plan my outfits. Particularly if I'm going somewheregoing somewhere versus a Target run or the afternoon pick up.

We've been celebrating D's birthday all week long and now that Sweet Pea is back from camp we kept it up Saturday with a trip to The Cheesecake Factory for an early bird special. That just means we went before it got cray cray after 5pm. I knew I wanted to wear something simple but low key glammed up. I wanted to get beyond the basics of just jeans and a tee which I've pretty much worn everyday this week. Sigh. Sometimes being in a rut just sucks.

Inspired by my upcoming Breast Cancer inspired Stell & Dot Brunch Baubles & Boobies party, I broke out one of my favorite necklaces I never wear. The necklace is spur of the moment purchase from H&M and I'm ever so happy I did. I posted on the FB page a few weeks ago about mixing metals and this necklace was the sole reason I've so easily slipped into it.

I loved the way it jazzed up my plain white pocket tee and took something so simple and familiar and gave it new life. All thanks to a necklace. As I said, before I'm learning about working more accessories into my daily ensembles and this is proof positive that they really are everything.
See? Reading Rachel Zoe really is educational research!

The elements of the outfit are super basic but the addition of the necklace and the red lips give it a little certain something. I'm a little late on the bold lip train but now that I've tried it I've kind of fallen in love. If you had asked me two years ago how I felt about it, I would've told you while I love it on others I'm just not sure it's me. Fast forward to the last month and I'm OWNING it. I'm still working on ways to work it into my everyday life which is a bit hard with the Baby Ninja being so kissable and all but it's definitely happening. Hence the red lips for a Saturday lunch! 

And let's not forget about the nude pumps. I was on the hunt earlier this year for just the right pair. They needed to be pointy-toed and patent but not super dark or super light. I also didn't want them to be wicked high. I know - the higher the heels the closer to God - but I think they actually work better at a more realistic height. This was also my first time wearing them sadly and while originally I was looking to rock my silver metallics these just seemed to work better. At least according to Sweet Pea. So there you have it. Fashion advice from an 11 year old.

I was really happy with how the whole look came together and how simple it really is. I mean, really I'm wearing jeans and a t-shirt. Adding the extra elements (necklace + lips) just made it an ensemble.

So how do you get beyond your basics?

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  1. I always feel so BASIC in my BASICS so I'm always trying to jazz things up. This really does work for you though. Matter of fact I've seen you in plenty of jean outfits and you totally rocked it. I will do a lipstick, hat, crazy bangles.... girl, I will try it ALL!

  2. Werk it Ms Lady in your basics and thanks for supporting Breast Cancer Awareness! Visiting from Style Elixir.

  3. Soooo digging that bag though! A statement necklace is always my go to piece to take my outfit from basic to basic plus...lol.


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