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we all know i'm Pinterest obsessed. Have been ever since I joined and it's seriously like my late night drug habit.
I do it at all times of day at any location. And I'm dying to know what everyone else is Pinning too.
But  have you ever gone back and looked at what you've pinned throughout the day? The week? or even the month? I like to clean up my boards every so often and go back through to see what if any recipes I've missed, outfits I'd like to try and re-create, or home projects that inspired me and see what I've got that will be equivalent. And I love Pinterest not just for the wicked awesome recipes and clothing ideas but for all the home decor stuff as well. But since we don't currently home it's all just a pipe dream right now. I think we all have a Home board of some kind and I've gone even further and broken it down into different parts of our home (Living/Dining/Bedroom/Kitchen etc.) which helps me really visual what will work together in my imaginary dream house. It also provides visuals for my more linear minded husband to get a better idea of what I mean when I say "oh we can totally make that at home" or "what about these pillows with this couch". He needs that visual aspect to help drive an idea home and I like being able to provide him with one.

A few months back we sold our old dining table (yaay!) and scored the one that had been in my childhood home. It's solid construction and classic lines that you can't really find anymore AND it was free! winning. So I wanted to paint it a high gloss black but am super scared to take that on myself. Add to that the fact that I couldn't commit to a chair fabric and I was stuck and then I stumbled across some great DIY hacks via the Glitter Guide and it all sort of rabbit holed from there.

Those chairs are so cute and what an EASY idea!  5 Of The Pretties Ikea Hacks via @Glitter Guide

Little Green Notebook: More Sharpie Les Touches

I love that this woman took her plain white slip covered chairs from IKEA and free handed this design based on the popular Brunscwig and Fils snow leopard pattern 'Les Touches' What a simple way to spice up the dining room and add flair! My dining set is similar to the one below and I was swooning over these images all morning.

I'm so doing this to my dining room chairs!! LOVE via -Little Green Notebook: DIY Les Touches

If I didn't have a tiny tornado in my house who is consistently trying to make my heart jump out of my body - I would totally have a table like this.

5 Of The Prettiest DIY Projects - IKEA hacks via @Glitter Guide

Yet another IKEA hack this is brilliant. And the leopard pillow totally sold me at first glance. I just love the overall look and if I ever am able to have nice things again you can bet your yoga pants I will be re-creating this.

Speaking of leopard how cool is this rug on the stairs? I mean. Gallery wall. Check. Grand staircase. Check. Leopard ON the stairs. Hot damn. Sidebar - this photo was called 'stairway to heaven'. BA-NANAS.

photo 1-12 Leopard stairs + gallery wall

I don't think my husband would ever really go for this but someone I know must. I mean, it's just too good.
The perfect TV stand!

And this TV stand is just perfection. It's everything I've been wanting. Something big enough to hold & hide the DVD's and all the rest of the electronic equipment (wii, surround sound speakers etc.) and it's mirrored. Glam but not in a pretentious way. Totally my style. Also, pretty sure I could re-create this with some IKEA pieces, a few well placed overlays and some mirrors. Whoomp there it is. Anyone want to come help make my dreams a reality?

I've also been kind of obsessed with the whole deer/animal head thing as well as a finding a gold morrocan pouf and large statement mirror. In the end I'll probably just end up spray painting the old black mirror we have but aren't these dreamy?

Sweet styling. Mint, Coral & Navy - Love the color combo!

Of course none of this could be impelemented in our current home since we lack the space required for some of my delusions of grandeur ideas but mark my words at some point in this life I will have a space that is totally reflective of our personalities and lifestyle.

Are you on Pinterest? (let's follow each other!)  Do you have a Home board of some kind? What Pinspires you?

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* all images can be sourced via my Living room + Dining Room Pinterest boards


  1. lol yes I wish my place looked like my pinterest board day!! :)


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