All I Want...... For Fall

My boot collection stepped it's game up in the last year and a half and I'm proud to say I love and wear the hell out of all of them as soon as the weather permits but the one thing I'm missing and have been crushing on is a pair of over the knee (OTK) boots. My friend Ashley got a pair back when we worked at Hautelook but I missed out being pregnant at the time and unsure how much my feet/ legs would change and if I really wanted a pair. (AND I'd just recently purchased two other pairs of knee high boots and an overcoat....but that's beside the point)  So I passed, and now I'm regretting it as I can see how beneficial adding a pair would be. Hate when that happens. But,  c'est la vie!
I previously mentioned I went cold turkey on the shopping for the month of September. Not actively shopping got me to really focus on what I already had and encouraged a major closet purge to see what, if anything, I actually needed for this season and what I was just plain crushing on because it looked good on someone else. Oddly there are only about 5 pairs of shoes that I have my eye on  for this season and the fact that I know I can get by without them makes it all the more fun to day dream up ensembles!
But in all seriousness it can get crazy out here on the interwebs with all the goodness that folks are scooping up left and right but I am committed to only purchasing (at most) three pairs of shoes this season.

All I want for Fall

                                                              All I want for Fall by carpools2cocktails 

1. I know for sure, I will be purchasing at least one pair of OTK boots but I'm a bit torn as to which of these I love the most. The first pair is is suede and more grey black than straight black but I love the button details at the top. Oh and they're under $70 so yeah. It's kind of a win/win.

2. The Helena booties from Sole Society have been on my radar since last year when they had them in the oxblood as well. They're a great fun piece for the fall/winter season and I know I would get a ton of wear out of them as go to shoe of choice. (here)

3. Again with the OTK's but these are leather and would be much easier to wear when the weather gets wet so there's that in their favor. I already have an outfit in mind and am just biding my time now. 

4. Sam Edelman Petty boots. Need I say more? 98% of all the "it" style bloggers own a pair (or 5) of these in varying materials but I think the leather is just perfect. Versatile enough to wear with dresses, tights, and jeans it fits right into my lifestyle rather nicely.

5. I passed on the wedge sneaker trend last year even though I thought they were cute. And then these caught my eye. And somehow I knew they would work. I will be ordering them on Friday and am already working on ways to style them. 

                          Any particular items you're crushing on this season?

                                                                                   Shop the set

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