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Links + Love + Libations // Internet Drama Edition

Whoop whoop it's Friiiidaaay y'all!!! It's been yet another crazy adventure around these parts and man, the internet has been on FIYAAH this week!
So many good articles and posts that I have to share and comment on so I may have to do a follow up next week because the web is ablaze with controversy!
On the blog:
This week I talked about amping up my boring basics and bringing new life to them. Who knew a bold lip and a statement necklace could have such a drastic effect? Oh everyone but me. Whatever. Someone could've told me.

I also talked about the art of the selfie. Oh yes, there is an art people. And I'm pretty much a pro. Also, the selfie is here to stay. Get into it.

Pinterest is my late night addiction of choice as y'all may know and this week I've been on a home pinning spree. We may not yet own our dream home but as soon as we do I'll be ready. I've got IDEAS man!

And special shout out to my BLM girls group for helping me to get to 200 likes …

Currently Crushing // A Pinspired Home

we all know i'm Pinterest obsessed. Have been ever since I joined and it's seriously like my late night drug habit.
I do it at all times of day at any location. And I'm dying to know what everyone else is Pinning too.
But  have you ever gone back and looked at what you've pinned throughout the day? The week? or even the month? I like to clean up my boards every so often and go back through to see what if any recipes I've missed, outfits I'd like to try and re-create, or home projects that inspired me and see what I've got that will be equivalent. And I love Pinterest not just for the wicked awesome recipes and clothing ideas but for all the home decor stuff as well. But since we don't currently home it's all just a pipe dream right now. I think we all have a Home board of some kind and I've gone even further and broken it down into different parts of our home (Living/Dining/Bedroom/Kitchen etc.) which helps me really visual what will work togeth…

Vanity Vanity + The Art of the Selfie

I take a ridiculous amount of pictures of myself and have pretty much perfected the art of the selfie. Actually, I've been doing it for years, before social media gave it a name you could find me turning the camera on myself (or me + my girls) , arm angled just so with the right amount of head tilt. But you had to be careful, too much angle on the arm and you're all up your nose. Not enough head tilt and your face gets cut off. Bummer.
No, I'm a HUGE proponent of the selfie. I tend to think it's more empowering than anything. I know they get a bad rap. I've received several looks and rolled eyes over the years whenever I busted out my camera and turned the lens back to me but you know what? Haters gonna hate.
I started taking them really as a way to document how I looked and felt in those moments. Some were on birthdays and special occasions others were just simply because I liked my makeup and wanted to document it for posterity. And let's be honest, sometimes…

Daily Style // Beyond the Basics

It's no secret that I'm a jeans and tee type of chick. It's been my go to outfit of choice for years when going out because of it's simplicity and ease with which it can be transformed. As soon as I discovered the Mossimo pocket tee I bought 3 each of white, black and grey because I knew they would become fast staples in my somewhat un-inspired wardrobe. Being somewhat of a shoe lover I was always more fixated on what was happening south of my ankles rather than the rest of my ensemble. In fact, that's how I generally plan my outfits. Particularly if I'm going somewheregoing somewhere versus a Target run or the afternoon pick up.

We've been celebrating D's birthday all week long and now that Sweet Pea is back from camp we kept it up Saturday with a trip to The Cheesecake Factory for an early bird special. That just means we went before it got cray cray after 5pm. I knew I wanted to wear something simple but low key glammed up. I wanted to get beyond …

Happy Hour // Links + Love + Libations : Covert Ops Edition

Whew! What a crazy week it's been!
We spent the weekend having a massive pre-bday movie marathon with D in which we watched no less than 8 movies. The only thing I can tell you is I'm now dreaming of having some type of Gatsby themed party. Don't know when, where or how but I know I have to make it happen.

I shared a little bit about how Sweet Pea and I were able to watchChef Wolfgang Puck cook live in front of us and were treated to a little tasting of his latest cookbook. It pretty much rocked my world.

Wednesday we celebrated the Hubs 37th birthday  and I was a little sneaky in gathering the friends for a surprise dinner and somehow managed to pull it off! Thus inspiring a lot of camo in this week's wardrobe.

The children stayed up way too late for a hump day but it was totally worth it to do something fun for my guy. Needless to say I could get nothing done the next day and inadvertently took a nap.

Sweet Pea went off to 6th grade Science Camp for four days. I didn…

Cheers to 10 Years // Macy's Culinary Council

One of the many perks of this freelance writing thing is that I get to attend all kinds of fun events and I can usually bring my family and that makes it all the more interesting as we get to experience new things together.
Just in time for real 'fall like weather' Macy's is celebrating 10 years of their Culinary Council and we were invited to attend while Chef Wolfgang Puck performed a demonstration of a few dishes out of his new cookbook.

Being a psuedo foodie + huge fan of his since his earlier TV show to his role as a guest judge on Top Chef, I was beyond jazzed about going. I was even more excited to take Sweet Pea with me and open her up to a whole new world of tastes. I let her know that she had to at least try a few bites of whatever was being served as a condition of her getting to go and she agreed so off we went.

The Macy's Home store at South Coast Plaza is nothing short of fabulous. It features a full kitchen for demo purposes and all the designer applianc…