What To Wear: West Coast Style Meets East Coast Life

One of my favorite things about the blog is the many conversations I have with friends both near and far about fashion. And not just in the sense of what's hot now, or who's wearing what. I mean real life fashion. What's working for us as women who still want to be stylish while managing our busy lifestyle's. Not every working mom has a 'traditional' 9-5 type gig. One of my best friends is a licensed massage therapist who works at a spa and has private clients so she's not exactly running around in stiletto's when meeting clients. Still, she wants to look cute and step up her every day outfit game but in a manner that is fitting to her life. This is where I come in.
We were talking the other night and she admitted that she realized that her daughter isn't a fan of certain styles/types of clothing because she herself doesn't wear them. So, she asked me to pick out some things for her taking into mind her lifestyle, the climate and her personal style.
I was more than happy to oblige.
West Coast Translation

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Being that she lives in Connecticut I had to consider the weather but I know she know's how to layer so I just went with the basic pieces. She's not really a 'heels all the time girl' and she's much more boho/ beachy than I am so I also kept that in mind as well, but she's not afraid of a tailored piece either and since I happen to know she's in the market for some ankle boots with a low heel, that's where I started. From there it all came together pretty easily.

1. I've been after her for years to break down and buy some premium denim but she staunchly refused stating that her box store brands were just find. I begged to differ but she wasn't hearing me.
However, she's recently tried on some premium denim and noticed the difference in fit, cut and wash and is now a bit more inclined. Here you go my love, a distressed dark skinny denim is what every woman needs. No matter the season, region or size. It's a wardrobe staple for sure. The ankle boots are key and will go with absolutely everything as will the perfect plaid shirt. Layered under a sweater / cardigan she can adjust as needed for the weather.

2. Now you might be asking " well if she's not a heels girl why on earth did you suggest metallic heels?" Because everyone needs a pair of classic heels in a fun hue/print. These are them. And she is more likely to wear these than say, neon yellow. The pants and the tuxedo jacket scream sophistication and that's exactly who she is. I can see her rock this with a slicked back pony and a fun smokey eye.

3. A graphic tee with the perfect East Vs. West message mixes perfectly with short shorts for a night out with her hubby in the city. I paired these faux leather and lace shorts with ankle boots because I know she's not that much of a 'heels girl' but we can all use a little something and these won't kill her feet! Adding tights as the weather grows colder and knee high or over the knee boots lends sass and subtle sexiness.

4. The striped top is a given and can be swapped out for a short sleeve tee, a tank or sweater depending on the weather. You  really can't go wrong with classic stripes in any color. Again, these are not heels, more of a wedge and since I know my friend Andrea has a pair, and she's a bit taller than Michelle, these are more than sufficient. They take a simple jeans + tee and take it to the next level. No need to cringe when running into one of the 'school moms' wearing this.

What I love about this collection is that it can all be mixed and matched for creative takes on new looks and it will only enhance what she already has in her closet and it's kind of the perfect jumping off point to create more looks. But I'm a shopper so I think about things like that.
Obviously, weather wise I would add several other components to the collection (scarves/hats/gloves oh my) but she's a smart cookie and knows how accessorize according to the occasion.

Stay tuned for more What to Wear series by season and occasion!
If you're interested in personal styling tips for yourself shoot me an email! 
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