Target Styled for Fall

Everyone knows that Target is one of my favorite locations on earth. I shop there at least once a week and consider it to be a gold mine for fast fashion pieces. I know some people don't think one should only shop at one store all the time and I get that. I like to spread the love and see what's out there but if Target is all you got, then lucky for you they've got a lot to work with!
Personally I've scored several fun pieces that I don't regret purchasing one bit. The fact that I get tons of compliments on them helps a bunch too.
Over on the C2C page I asked what y'all were interested in seeing on the blog here this season and received a variety of requests.
My friend Katie said " If I can only buy one piece for Fall what should I buy?" I then inquired as to a budget and she mentioned something about a "shop at Target budget". know I LOVE that store!! Done and done!!

Fall Wardrobe - Target Style

Katie is a mama to a sweet little girl , certified personal trainer, blogger and internet friend. That's right folks. We've never met face to face. But she speaks to my heart with her words and we have shared quite the journey thus far so I was happy to help.
I happen to know that her 'style' is comfy. So I even though she suggested one I couldn't help but pick 6 pieces that I thought would be the perfect additions to her fall/autumn wardrobe.

1. Striped Shirt - Classic staple and closet must. (I'm actually thinking I'm going to run out and grab this up tomorrow for myself!) The beauty of this top is that it can be paired with literally anything and it automatically adds polish and class. I kind of love it with the printed jeans.

2. Printed Skinny Denim - I totally know this is a long shot for her but I just love these! A subtle print on classic washed skinny denim makes for a fun addition to the closet. It pairs well with the striped shirt or a solid tank + sweater as the weather turns cooler.

3. White Ribbed Tank - Kind of a no brainer. These are some of my favorite tanks for layering since they are super soft and pretty thin. I love that.

4. Plaid Button Down - This just screams fall and the fact that you can layer a tank + tee underneath or put a sweater over it just makes it all the more versatile. This is another great transitional piece as you can pretty much wear it year round.

5. Dark Skinny Jeans - I would've preferred to find a dark slightly distressed denim and I'm sure if I go in store I could find what I was looking for but these are sufficient for what I'm trying to convey. Dark skinny jeans are a mom/woman's saving grace. They can be dressed up or down, they hide stains from toddlers with questionable hand care, and once again, they pair well with almost everything.

6. Black Ankle Boots - I'm obsessed with the ankle boot. I bought no less than four pairs last year in a variety of styles and colors. Their versatility is perfect for the mom on the go. They look stylish enough that you feel put together even if you've thrown on a hoodie and have a bun. They're also allow you to move comfortably with your kids, whether in the park or at the grocery store.

All in all, these 6 pieces totaled $116 before tax. Not too shabby for a few pieces to perk up a fall wardrobe and that will take you through a few seasons of wear and tear before needing to be replaced. I really like all of these pieces and have variations of each in my own closet so clearly I see how they can work for Katie's lifestyle.

What do you think? Would you wear any of these pieces? What's on your list for fall?

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