Must Buy All The Things

I have been on a home decor pinning and day dreaming spree as of late. I blame Edie. She has excellent taste and it's got me inspired to do some sprucing up. Add to that the fact that I put a temporary spending freeze on myself for the month (kind of just to see if I could do it) and have duly transferred all my fashion energy into home design and projects, and you have a dangerous lady on your hands.
For me home decor is all about the visual and the tangible so I like to go and peruse things up close and personal. It's not uncommon to find me and the boy cruising through a home decor store on a weekday 'just because'.
One of my usual haunts is HomeGoods  which I love because they always have amazing knick knacks that add character to a home + fabulous pillows. And because we're still developing our home style as a couple and also redefining it as a family of four, I know I'm not going to break the bank on my purchases as we test the waters. I also like the flea market for it's unique pieces, as well as thrift stores for the same reason. Oh and the prices can't be beat.
However, I tend to be somewhat of a commitment phobe when it comes to the larger pieces. For instance I've been wanting a new rug for about 2 years but can't really commit to one. I find a few I like but then I'm not sure how it will look, what if we get new couches, etc? And what happens when we move? It's a bit hard for me to fall in love with a layout as I know we have plans to vacate this space sooner rather than later. So there's that.

But I decided to take a cruise through my local HomeGoods the other morning and I was delighted by all the fun things I found. I had a blast strolling down the aisles scouring them for that one unique piece that would catch my eye and scream "Pick MEEEEEE!!!"and oh my, did I hear some screaming!! I wanted to scoop them all up and  run to the checkout. Where would I put it all? Who cares? It was fabulous!

Adorable and fun bookends. A kitschy pineapple or owl, a  horse head, a hand with all the palm reading lines laid out, a bright globe for our bookshelf , stools and stands in fun colors, a faux deer /oryx head. I mean. Seriously.

I was so drawn to it. I have no idea why. That's not even really my style but as I looked at it my imagination went wild. The fact that it's white and virtually a blank canvas definitely helped. My new found love of spray painting all the things probably also helped. I could fully see it in a bright yellow, a metallic silver or gold. Definitely gold. Which of course prompted me to look online to see if the price was reasonable and if the idea of me spray painting was totally nuts....and of course I found several options to justify my crazy.
White Faux Taxidermy fake animal heads with glitter antlers - the perfect touch for a rustic and quirky wedding!

Alas, when I went back o purchase it was gone. My heart dropped a bit but I knew that l was running that risk when I didn't walk out with it the moment I saw it. Sigh. So now, I'm on a mission to find something similar while using my ninja shopping skills to stalk the store and see if they get another or someone returns it.

Come back next week to find out what I did to quench my decorating thirst!

Do you find you have a specific home style or are you still figuring it out like me? 

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