Insta Love + Cocktail Crush

Y'all know I took a brief blogging break to take care of some behind the scenes things and to just enjoy the last few weeks of summer with my kiddos.
While I wasn't actively blogging or commenting on blogs I was still all about Instagram. ( Hey, you gotta kill time during nap time, mind numbing videos and waits at the car wash somehow right?)
In the last few weeks I have made some fabulous new IG friends and wanted to share with y'all.
I mean, Instagram for me, is one of the best forms of social media out there. It can also be a major debbie downer and cause some serious FOMO (raises hand - #NYFW) but all in all it's a great way to showcase whatever it is that you shine at and share your story. I seriously dig that.

So without further ado - here are some IG's that I am currently crushing on:

Mumumansion - I first came across her pic from the Stella & Dot convention a few weeks back and just thought there was something about her. She was giving some fierce face so admittedly, I stalked her feed and kind of fell in love. Melinda is just all kinds of awesome. In the realest possible way. And I don't mean awesome like - oh my she has the best outfits and has this wicked style (which she does) but her swag (hate that word) is on fire. It emanates from the pictures she shares whether it's her kids, what she's wearing or working on or just what she's thinking about.

MurphyDeesign - I met Dee a few months back at The Land Of Nod opening. We immediately connected (hello shared fashion sense) and after chatting it up I thought she was just really quite lovely. I looked her up on IG and got on her design bandwagon with a quickness. Her style is very chic and detailed but still very California and I dig that! It's my dream that once we get our own home I can get her to come in and help me design that space a bit.

June Ambrose - I know I've mentioned my love of her style before but I also enjoy stalking her on Insta. She posts great behind the scenes looks at the life of a fashion stylist and it's fun seeing her work come to life. I love how she gets her kids involved and showcases all facets of her life from work, to home to play. She is truly one of my favorites and I never tire of seeing what she's up to.

Mooshinindy - Casey is a story teller through photos if I've ever seen one. I don't even remember how I discovered her feed but I am so glad I did. She posts the most lovely photos of her girls greeting each other at the bus stop each day. I mean heart wrenching lovely. I also love the way she captures the mundane and finds time to #lookforthelovely in each moment.

Marcherobinson - Oh Marche, where do I begin. I love the way she styles her clothes. I truly do. It reminds me of my own style to an extent and she seems like she has a lot of fun with her wardrobe and enjoys life. I gravitate towards people like that and she is no exception. Her blog Robinson Style is pretty fly as well. I just love a young fresh take on life and she gives me that.

Marie Denee - I met Marie back in April at Lucky FABB and loved her pitch on why she should go to NYFW and then I began to follow her blog and IG account and I mean....y'all. She is not only doing the damn thing , she is nice. Like legit, will help you if you have a question and not be condescending about it, nice. Another fellow BLM Girl she is an active member even though she's kind of a big deal. And can we talk about how she (along with quite a few others) is revolutionizing the plus size fashion industry?

 I love catching glimpse's of other women's lives and learning from these snippets in ways I don't even realize until it comes to fruition.
Who are some of your favorites on Insta?

And now for our Friday cocktail!

Living in the south gave me a hankering for Sweet Tea that goes unmatched around these parts. It's pretty hard to find just the right sweet tea out west but we make do with what we can. Once again, my IG peeps have already seen this play out in my love for Twisted Tea. So you know I was all about it when I came across this gem of a beverage on Pinterest.

Sweet Tea Vodka Cocktail  #stunningevents #cocktails #cheers

*While this is not my recipe - I've made a similar version of this before which I like to call back porch lemonade, being that I add lemonade. 

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