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Happy Friday y'all!
I'm doing my best at getting back into the 'swing of blogging things' but with the weather still pretending its summer and my calendar and schedule saying "Fall's a-coming!" I'm kind of a hot mess.

Last week was super fun as I got to do some styling for a few friends (Katie / Michelle) who needed some fresh ideas. If you ever get stuck feel free to contact me and I will be happy to create something for you or if you're local I can even come over to "play dress up", edit your closet or go shopping!

I guest posted over at Chic Busy Mom on a Fall Makeup Trend I tried and replicated in 15 minutes!

And I shared my love for graphic tee's and showcased how I style them.

Around the web:

* I met Ashleigh at Blissdom and fell in love with her spirit in like 2.5 minutes. Not even kidding. I just wanted to hug and have a long coffee chat with her. She is a mama to three boys and wife to a Marine.
And she has a son who does ballet . All kinds of awesome

* This. All about GYPSY and this Facebook Image Crafting, apparently it's a thing.

* The Hollywood Housewife brought up some things that I have been experiencing but had yet to really address.

* Also my friend JJ wrote an excellent piece about feeling left out and "ugly" in life. That could've been me writing in my twenties.


The weather is finally turning a bit cooler even if only in the evenings and I can't help but give one last nod to summer with this week's tasty delight. I found this while pinning my heart out the other night and the fresh fruit  looked so tasty I knew it had to be this week's drink! Cheers friends!

This would be perfect for a sunny day with friends!   The Berry Booster   1 ½ oz Berry acai vodka  1 oz fresh blueberry puree  1 oz seltzer  Mix vodka and blueberry puree in a shake with ice. Top with seltzer

1 ½ oz Berry acai vodka 
1 oz fresh blueberry puree 
1 oz seltzer 
Mix vodka and blueberry puree in a shaker with ice. 
Top with seltzer


  1. That (drink) does look delicious! I've never heard of berry acai vodka -- I have to check that out!

    Also I love your links!


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