Hair Rules + Some Changes

Being a Black woman we are all about our hair. I've said it more than once but in a society who's standards are based on an outdated unrealistic view of European beauty, it's been hard to fall in love with (our/my) hair in it's "natural" state. In the last few years though the natural hair movement has become a huge phenomenon and I love seeing women of color embrace their hair as is and begin to veer away from the creamy crack. I myself was addicted for years and did major damage to my tresses in the process.
At 18 and finally 'allowed' I began to add subtle color to my hair. It started out as a cellophane (you can really only see the color in direct sunlight) and gradually moved to a dark purple rinse (again you couldn't really see the color) and then highlights. It wasn't until I was in my mid-twenties that I dyed it full out. And I went from blonde to red in a week. I loved being a blonde but I loved the red hair more. I felt sassy and sultry and I loved it. But the damage I did to my hair was real and there was nothing I could do about it. My only options were to stop coloring so long as I had a relaxer/perm or let the creamy crack go. So I got a good trim and said goodbye. It was hard to see my hair "fluff up" and not be so silky straight all the time but somehow I powered through (thank you weave hair). That was 2008.  I haven't colored my hair (more than just a few highlights) in over 2 years. And after dealing with 'post baby hair' (more shedding/growth etc.) for almost 18 months I was itching for a change.

A few weeks ago I was ready to take out my 'summer hair' (i.e. my weave) and was totally going to stick with the dark hair for fall and then I was catching up on the Style Network one afternoon for a Tia & Tamera marathon and saw Tia's new hair. A bit of a twist on the ombre that was so popular last year but completely my style and totally fresh.

I was hooked. I mean. I couldn't stop thinking about it. So I jumped online to find more pictures to show my stylist and of course post to my Insta peeps and received a resounding YES! to whether or not I should make such a drastic change.
I could hardly wait for Wednesday and to see how it would all come out. After almost 7 hours at the salon ( Sweet Pea had to get her hair whipped up too) my transformation was almost complete.

under the dryer waiting for the magic to happen

Because my hair was super dark to begin with it took forever to process and since we didn't want to completely damage my hair's integrity, I didn't go as blonde as Tia's.  At least, not yet. This was the first time in a long time a woman's hair inspired me and because she looked like me, I wasn't worried too much about if my hair would actually look like my inspiration photos.

the final results

I think, I might still want to go a bit lighter and possibly add a streak of purple because, hey I'm 34 with two kids and that's how I roll, but for the most part I'm loving the way it turned out. The honey blonde color has brought out the more playful side of my fashion and beauty personality and for the last few weeks I've been having quite a bit of fun playing around with different makeup as my usual "go to's" aren't looking quite the same with the new do'.

I can't wait to see how it looks all up in a bun, with a smokey eye or a bright red lip (still holding out on trying that) and as the color grows out and changes. One of my favorite things about changing my hair is the opportunity it provides to switch up my look!

Do you adjust your makeup when/ if you change your hair color / cut / style? Will you be making any drastic hair/makeup changes for fall? 

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