Graphic Tease

I have a strong love for the a printed or graphic tee. And by printed I mean, anything with a kitschy or cheeky saying. I'm all over it. I have several hanging in my closet but I'm always in the market for more . Lately I've seen several that have struck my fancy and I can totally see why I need them, in my life. I mean. "Homie You Don't Know Me" ? Ohh, yes, please.

Cute graphic tees from Forever21

I can can think of at least 3 ways to style them easy and I'm fully looking for a way to justify adding them into the fall budget. I mean - leather leggings + kicks (chucks + Nike Dunks ), boyfriend + skinny  jeans, fancy skirts, cut-offs.....the possibilities are pretty much endless.
Graphic Tee ObsessionI really enjoy the contrasting combo of a cheeky tee and + a fun printed skirt  or leather leggings + wicked kicks. I know that by changing up the bottom half I can create a plethora of ensembles to satisfy my sartorial sensations. I've also come to the conclusion that a great graphic tee is definitely a wardrobe staple, even if it's not in the classic sense. With a timeless or classic saying emblazoned across the front these tops can be worn for a number of occasions and with a myriad of fashions.
Graphic tees are definitely my way of expressing my sarcastic nature and telling others that I don't take myself too seriously while still being stylish and on trend. That's just one facet of my current wardrobe and in my opinion  you can never have too many.

Shop the set:

Have you discovered a love for something you recently realized was a  'wardrobe staple' but isn't included among the usual suspects?

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