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Links + Love + Libations

* Sunday we had a boozy brunch date with friends sans kids and afterwards I tried on a killer coat. I kind of want to go back for it. It was BANANAS and being that it was by Rachel Zoe it makes total sense.

* Monday I got stuck in traffic and suffered a small (albeit, scary) panic attack and I realized my anxiety isn't as in check as I thought.

* Tuesday I made a wicked good dinner that got re-pinned several times. I hope y'all enjoy it as much as we did!

* Tonight we're going to try out Pieology as they just opened up in our 'hood so I'm intrigued to see what all the hype is about. I'm a die hard RoundTable Pizza girl so this should be interesting.

Around the web:

* I think we all got a good chuckle from JT & Jimmy. However, Questlove stole the show #thisisbrilliant

* My style icon launched her fall collection with HSN. I'm kind of swooning over these boots.

* With the kids having well checkups this week and due for shots, this article about vaccinatio…

Good Eats: Not Your Typical Tuesday

It was a Tuesday like any other. I was standing in front of my fridge/freezer teeing to figure out what the hell we were going to have for dinner. I've been in a bit of a cooking rut as of late. I was doing really well throughout the summer trying one or two new recipes a week but somewhere in between taking a small vacay and the 100+ weather I lost my mojo.
Back to the freezer; after several minutes I figured I'd just take our sine chicken thighs and breakfast then in a white wine reduction with some onions and herbs and call it a day. Nothing exciting but hey, at least it wasn't anything we'd had recently.
So I set about pulling the ingredients together and sent about my day. Then in a rare moment of down time I was scrolling FB and remembered my friend had posted a yummy sounding recipe the day before. Healthy Skillet Lasagna. 
I quickly pulled it up and checked to see if I had all the ingredients. All but one. Sweet.  I took out the meat to defrost and gathered t…

Must Buy All The Things

I have been on a home decor pinning and day dreaming spree as of late. I blame Edie. She has excellent taste and it's got me inspired to do some sprucing up. Add to that the fact that I put a temporary spending freeze on myself for the month (kind of just to see if I could do it) and have duly transferred all my fashion energy into home design and projects, and you have a dangerous lady on your hands.
For me home decor is all about the visual and the tangible so I like to go and peruse things up close and personal. It's not uncommon to find me and the boy cruising through a home decor store on a weekday 'just because'.
One of my usual haunts is HomeGoods which I love because they always have amazing knick knacks that add character to a home + fabulous pillows. And because we're still developing our home style as a couple and also redefining it as a family of four, I know I'm not going to break the bank on my purchases as we test the waters. I also like the flea…

Happy Hour : Links + Love + Libations

Happy Friday y'all!
I'm doing my best at getting back into the 'swing of blogging things' but with the weather still pretending its summer and my calendar and schedule saying "Fall's a-coming!" I'm kind of a hot mess.

Last week was super fun as I got to do some styling for a few friends (Katie / Michelle) who needed some fresh ideas. If you ever get stuck feel free to contact me and I will be happy to create something for you or if you're local I can even come over to "play dress up", edit your closet or go shopping!

I guest posted over at Chic Busy Mom on a Fall Makeup Trend I tried and replicated in 15 minutes!

And I shared my love for graphic tee's and showcased how I style them.

Around the web:

* I met Ashleigh at Blissdom and fell in love with her spirit in like 2.5 minutes. Not even kidding. I just wanted to hug and have a long coffee chat with her. She is a mama to three boys and wife to a Marine.
And she has a son who does bal…

What To Wear: West Coast Style Meets East Coast Life

One of my favorite things about the blog is the many conversations I have with friends both near and far about fashion. And not just in the sense of what's hot now, or who's wearing what. I mean real life fashion. What's working for us as women who still want to be stylish while managing our busy lifestyle's. Not every working mom has a 'traditional' 9-5 type gig. One of my best friends is a licensed massage therapist who works at a spa and has private clients so she's not exactly running around in stiletto's when meeting clients. Still, she wants to look cute and step up her every day outfit game but in a manner that is fitting to her life. This is where I come in.
We were talking the other night and she admitted that she realized that her daughter isn't a fan of certain styles/types of clothing because she herself doesn't wear them. So, she asked me to pick out some things for her taking into mind her lifestyle, the climate and her personal st…

Hair Rules + Some Changes

Being a Black woman we are all about our hair. I've said it more than once but in a society who's standards are based on an outdated unrealistic view of European beauty, it's been hard to fall in love with (our/my) hair in it's "natural" state. In the last few years though the natural hair movement has become a huge phenomenon and I love seeing women of color embrace their hair as is and begin to veer away from the creamy crack. I myself was addicted for years and did major damage to my tresses in the process.
At 18 and finally 'allowed' I began to add subtle color to my hair. It started out as a cellophane (you can really only see the color in direct sunlight) and gradually moved to a dark purple rinse (again you couldn't really see the color) and then highlights. It wasn't until I was in my mid-twenties that I dyed it full out. And I went from blonde to red in a week. I loved being a blonde but I loved the red hair more. I felt sassy and sul…

Transitional Style : Ankle boots + graphic tee

I have a confession, As the weather had been unbearable I'd kind of lost my styling mojo as all I wanted to really wear was my bathing suit. Being that that wasn't really an option I made do with dresses and loose tanks. I had no motivation to be 'cute' because I knew I would pretty much melt upon leaving the house and all that 'cute' would go to waste.

The weather finally broke Monday night with a delightfully refreshing (albeit brief)  thunderstorm that I think partly helped to get me out of my sartorial haze. Because when I woke up this morning I knew exactly what I wanted to put on. Pairing boots with shorts isn't a foreign concept to me but it's been much too warm to even begin to consider putting my toes inside anybody's shoe. But some chipped toe nail polish and no time to remedy helped change that.

tee: H&M (old) / shorts: DIY / Boots: Nordstrom Rack (similar) / sunnies: Old Navy 

Speaking of graphic tees....I snagged this one several year…

Target Styled for Fall

Everyone knows that Targetis one of my favorite locations on earth. I shop there at least once a week and consider it to be a gold mine for fast fashion pieces. I know some people don't think one should only shop at one store all the time and I get that. I like to spread the love and see what's out there but if Target is all you got, then lucky for you they've got a lot to work with!
Personally I've scored several fun pieces that I don't regret purchasing one bit. The fact that I get tons of compliments on them helps a bunch too.
Over on the C2C page I asked what y'all were interested in seeing on the blog here this season and received a variety of requests.
My friend Katie said " If I can only buy one piece for Fall what should I buy?" I then inquired as to a budget and she mentioned something about a "shop at Target budget". know I LOVE that store!! Done and done!!

Fall Wardrobe - Target Style by ambs32

Katie is a mama to …

Graphic Tease

I have a strong love for the a printed or graphic tee. And by printed I mean, anything with a kitschy or cheeky saying. I'm all over it. I have several hanging in my closet but I'm always in the market for more . Lately I've seen several that have struck my fancy and I can totally see why I need them, in my life. I mean. "Homie You Don't Know Me" ? Ohh, yes, please.

I can can think of at least 3 ways to style them easy and I'm fully looking for a way to justify adding them into the fall budget. I mean - leather leggings + kicks (chucks + Nike Dunks ), boyfriend + skinny  jeans, fancy skirts, cut-offs.....the possibilities are pretty much endless. I really enjoy the contrasting combo of a cheeky tee and + a fun printed skirt  or leather leggings + wicked kicks. I know that by changing up the bottom half I can create a plethora of ensembles to satisfy my sartorial sensations. I've also come to the conclusion that a great graphic tee is definitely a ward…