Holding Firmly On + Falling Back into Routine

I don't know about you guys but I'm not quite ready to let go of summer.
I know there are only a few short weeks of August left and then it's back to doldrums as it were but I plan on milking these last few weeks for all their worth.

We've been trying to maximize every last drop of these summer months while still 'taking it easy' and I think I've done a pretty decent job but I still want to wallow.
I love summer. I've said it time and again but alas, the season change and soon it will be time for school. And I will have a 6th grader. SIXTH GRADE y'all.
I'm so not ready. I was going through some photos this morning and stumbled across one of my favorites of her from Kindergarten and I was awestruck at how quickly she's grown up. Time has marched on much too quickly for my taste.
Awhile back I mentioned a few things we were going to do to maximize our summer. Conversely, at the same time, I began thinking about what we will do to prepare for school in the fall.
First of all can we just stop with the going back to school this fall? Deal? I mean, when you live in California "fall" doesn't really happen until October so it just seems wrong to me to suggest that fall happens when school starts in August. It's still hot as blazes and most kids are hitting up the pool after school until their homework loads state otherwise.

As we flipped the calendar over to August last week and I saw the 26th emblazoned with "FIRST DAY OF 6th GRADE" I knew it was time to slowly transition to a more scholastic mindset. I'm not really thrilled about it as I would much rather be the fun, sleep all day, laze about the house type mom but that's just not how we parent. This year, will be a big one for her and we made sure she still had some type of mental stimulation each day. We got her a workbook that she's been (slowly) making her way through and I'll be honest when I say she hasn't done it everyday (see sometimes I am the fun mom!) but it keeps her on her toes and this way when she goes back there will be no blank stares when asked to change improper fractions to mixed numbers and multiply.
Bedtime slowly creeps back up to 9 pm but her 'summer bedtime' is only an hour later than usual so it's not too much of a switch.
Our favorite thing to do of course, is go shopping. I mean, a girl needs something new for her first week right? And you never get a second chance to make a first impression. I mean - this is 6th grade people! The real deal!! So we must look our best! We take an annual trip with my Dad and he just lights up and says yes with whatever she puts on so she's all about that. And there are trips to the hair and nail salon. I like to have some mommy/daughter dates with my girl and talk about the upcoming school year. I don't like to make a huge deal about it, but I do like to see how she feels about things.
There is always one last hurrah. We do summer right up until the start of school. And sometimes we continue into that weekend. Our famdamily usually does a cookout Labor Day weekend so we always have that to look forward to the weekend after schools starts.
Now that Baby Bear is in full blown toddler stage I'm thinking we're going to have to do something for him for 'back to school' too. He loves his sister and will miss her during the day so we will up our park time to the morning so he's not searching the house for her.

In addition to all that, I'm going to be taking the last two weeks off from here. I need to decompress a bit and get us all organized for the school year so we don't end up buried in paperwork by October. There will still be a few scheduled posts as I have prior commitments and you can always find me on Insta and I'll be popping into the FB but I need a break. Give myself some time to re-charge, re-organize and come back with all kinds of fun new ideas & posts!

Oh and did I mention her backpack never got unpacked from the end of school last year? Cuz we're awesome like that. So yeah, there's that to do as well.

What do you do to prepare for the school year?


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