Happy Hour + Friday Links

This is the last Happy Hour for August! We're heading to San Diego next weekend and the Monday after that I begin my 'blogging hiatus'! Hooray for letting the ideas flow with no deadlines! I'm going to try my best to get a post scheduled and up before we leave town but it will all depend on how the packing + organizing + toddler chasing goes!

We went back to school shopping this week even though I'm still hanging on to Summer with a vice grip. Sweet Pea cleaned up as usual (I pretty much want everything she got in my size) and I got some new black sunnies. It was a good day.

Also - if you could say a prayer? My mom is having surgery to remove the cancer cells from her breast on Wednesday. Needless to say I am a wreck and choosing to focus on other frivolous things to distract me.

* A few FB friends shared this post. I was compelled to do the same. It hit me where I live,where most of my mommy friends live too.

* My college alma mater made Forbes list of Top Colleges. That's pretty awesome.

* So Queen Bey cut her hair. And the kids went wild. How dare she not pose the question to her fans first? It's just hair people.

* One of my fellow BLM girls posted her first blog in 79 days. It's pretty awesome. The vortex of doingness is real.

* Yesterday was International Female Orgasm Day. Uhhhh.....how did I miss that!??

Now time for a drink!!

YOu know I like my margaritas and after a trip to Costco and discovering they had a large bottle of  pre-made pineapple margarita's I thought about the Pineapple Jalapeno Margarita I'd seen "out there somewhere". Here are two versions that sound yummy.

pineapple jalapeno margarita


Let me know if you make them okay? I'd love to come by for a taste test!!

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  1. Happy Friday! Cheers to that margarita as well. Enjoy your vacay :)


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