A Must Read: Conversations Between Me and the Kid

It's no secret that I love to read and I have been on a bit of a spree as of a late.
I'm also happy to promote my friends work so when my dear college friend Phnewfula told me her book was finished and ready for print I immediately requested a copy! Lucky for me she happily obliged.

Awhile back Phnewfula began sharing tidbits of her life with The Kid and we all enjoyed these hilarious exchanges between mother and precocious toddler. Conversations Between Me and The Kid is a compilation of some of the more entertaining banter that has transpired since The Kid could talk. 


As I was reading I was reminded when my Sweet Pea was also a precocious young thing and full of questions and ideas. That's actually what prompted me to start blogging so I was behind this book from the jump. 
Phnewfula is a 15 year music industry veteran and former owner of the lifestyle and fashion destination The Red Lemon Store. While both of these industries taught her a lot and required her to think on her feet, nothing could have prepared her the experience of becoming a mother to Agya.
I've known Phnewfula for a long time and to see her as a mom is awesome. To know that her child is a mini version of her just tickles me pink. She has always had staunch and bold ideas about things and how the world should/does operate and to see that reincarnated in her child and how she reacts to it is priceless. 
I highly recommend y'all go out and purchase this book via Amazon, iBooks and Barnes&Noble/Nook Books .  Not only is it hilarious and well written but she is my FRIEND and a fellow mom!!! Go show some love and support her endeavor! 


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