What SHE Wore // Romper Room Mini Style

The style of an 11 year old is....discerning at best. She's got in her mind what she wants to look like. I've got it in my mind what I want her to look like and we have to meet in the middle somewhere.

She's always had her own sense of style and what she wants to wear versus what I want which have led to some pretty epic meltdowns over the years. I have no doubt it will only increase as she gets older.

But, it's kind of fun to let her experiment with trends a bit and see how she puts her own spin on them. I love to let her get wild with her jewelry and other accessories. A few cheeky tee's here and there and fun denim round out the mix so she gets to rock her style within the confines of my guidelines.

However, she has been wanting some overalls for I don't know how long. I mean, even before Citizen of Humanity came out with theirs she had been jonesing for a pair. I staunchly put my foot down. (I already know how this story ends. I lived that trend already)
And then I saw this romper while cruising Forever 21 last week. And, well. I mean.

I was compelled to go back and point it out to her and see if she liked it. She did. They had her size and it looked super cute. Sold! Thank God she's a gift card hoarder!
She was super jazzed about her new outfit and couldn't wait to wear it to the drive-in. She loved that it was roomy but still cute and that she can switch out the belt as she sees fit.

I loved it because it was the perfect compromise to her overall wishes and my 'been-there-done-that' fashion sensibilities.She gets to be sassy and still age appropriate.
Her only downside was going to the bathroom but that is something I'm sure we can all relate to right?

I loved the way this looks on her and that it's a full outfit in one piece. This is particularly helpful when I hear "I don't know what bottoms to wear" on a daily basis and makes offering suggestions on what to wear less threatening when there are items we both like. She still evolving in her style and I am curious to see how it grows in the upcoming years. She is very much her own person and not a slave to what 'everyone else is wearing' and pretty much goes for what she knows with minimal nudging from me. It's going to be quite interesting to see how this all plays out.

Do your kids have distinct styles? Are they choosy about what they wear? How do you deal?


  1. Wow! She is adorable...and looks JUST like you! She's got great style! xo


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