Summer Staple Series // Maxi + Nude Shoes

I am a firm believer in having a 'uniform' of sorts. Especially in my current role as W/SAHM ( I mean, I do try to get some work done during the day) housekeeper and toddler wrangler.
I always want to be cute. Always. Even when I don't feel well or it's bloody hot.
But, I don't generally want to think about what it is that I'm wearing. Most mornings it's all I can do to get myself dressed and eyelashes mascara'd before it's time for D to leave for work. So the less I have to think about what I'm wearing the better.
Enter the maxi dress. A summertime staple for all women. 
Y'all know I love a good day dress and this midi/maxi trapeze dress from Line & Dot is just perfection in my book. It came to me via The Daily Look but you can also find it here and here  if you're not a member. It's priced the same. I would pretty much live in this dress if purchased and for the price I think it would be totally worth it. I love the slightly diaphanous feel and how it just seems to graze the body. I'm all about that these days (thank you So Cal heat wave).
I was skimming through my inbox in a deleting frenzy when this lovely green number caught my eye but by the time my brain registered it's loveliness I had already hit delete. Sweet.
However, Monday morning there it was again. Almost begging me to investigate further.
How could I refuse? It also didn't help that the tagline was something like "Palm Springs Perfection". I mean. Obviously.
Summer Staples

Summer Staples by ambs32 featuring a bib necklace

And then there are the shoes! Thanks to Andrea's photo on IG I've been crushing on the Shoemint Jordane's (also the Eila's) but am unsure if I just like the way they look on someone else or if they would really work for me. This is when online shopping is no bueno - I need to be able to try these babies on!
The concept of pairing this dress with either low heeled nude sandals, wedges or a strappy heel allows you to have some versatility without taking away from the stunning centerpiece of a dress. Accent with some fun pops of color by way of wrist and neck candy and it adds a fun unexpected twist to an otherwise simple dress.
This is why a maxi is the perfect summer staple it can be worn anywhere from the beach, to running errands, a summer wedding or even date night! 

How would you style this dress?

Shop the set! 


  1. DANG it I like ALL of those shoes! XO Chelsea


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