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Wow Wednesday // JT + Jay - Z = No Cardio For Me

Awhile back I was lucky enough to score some tickets to the Legends of Summer concert coming to town just in time for our anniversary. Even more amazing is that I was able to keep it a surprise from my husband for quite some time. I was beyond excited for the show. I may have mentioned I used to be a party girl back in the day and took in my share of concerts over the years but I haven't been to a hip-hop one in a minute.  So this past Sunday we headed out to the Rose Bowl with about 60,000 other folks to see Justin Timberlake and Jay-Z perform.  The place was super packed and parking was bananas. ($40!!)  Fortunately, my father-in-love is a Pasadena resident so we parked at his place and he dropped us at the venue. We felt like a couple of teenage kids getting dropped off by our parents.

Surprisingly it didn't take me long to pick out an ensemble for the event. I found yet another fab romper at Forever 21 and it was just a matter of deciding on which shoes. I posted a few opt…

What I Wore // Cheers To Three Years

We've been doing a pretty good job at planning our date nights lately and this being our anniversary month gives us all the more reason to get out and celebrate.

I love any excuse to dress up in something other than my everyday mommy chic and was determined to step it up for our anniversary dinner date. Even if it was a Wednesday. Especially because it was a Wednesday.

As I shared last week I scored big on a random run to TJ Maxx / HomeGoods. This hot little number was fab find number two. As soon as I saw it on the rack I fell in love with it and swooped in on some other chick who looked like she was eyeballing it.

The colors scream fun and the cutout back is all sass. My first thought was that I couldn't possibly wear something like that ( I have seriously got to stop saying that to myself. It's getting old.)  I mean... The whole back is out. In fact  had previously vetoed another dress I'd seen for that very reason. And it's not like I love my back. But I decid…

What I Wore// Engagement Party Style

My husband is from a big family and therefore there is always an occasion to get gussied up for some reason or another but no better reason than to celebrate the engagement of a sister!
Congrats Ashley & Eric!

I was super jazzed when I stumbled upon this dress at on a random trip to T.J. Maxx / HomeGoods (I was looking for a bench for the foot of our bed)  and decided to wander into the sale section and found a few items to tickle my fancy. I've really honed in on my personal style and pretty much know what I'm going to love before I go into the dressing room and although I was unsure of the fit at first glance, it was hard to say no to this printed beauty.

I loved the contrasting coral piping paired back to the neutral cream and black tribal print. The silhouette is divine. Sassy yet forgiving in the waist, thanks to some strategic ruching, and the circle skirt was quite flattering.

Dress: T.J. Maxx // Necklaces: Forever 21 // Wedges:  Dolce Vita for Target (old/ similar) …

Eat // Watermelon + Argula = Summer Salad Perfection

I knew I had become an adult when I began to eat salads by choice and not just as a 'side'. I knew I'd really grown up when those salads suddenly began to get beyond just iceberg or romaine lettuce and I preferred a "fancy" vinaigrette to a creamy ranch/blue cheese/ Caesar.
As time goes on I continue to look for ways to spice up my salad jam and have been trying to really push myself in the kitchen. Being summertime, I'm always on the lookout for a light new recipe to try that isn't going ot take me forever to make.

Enter my new 'summer salad of choice'. Tomato + Arugula + Watermelon + Basil = perfection. Who knew???

Using only what I had on hand I threw together a most delicious concoction. The recipe was first featured in the July issue of RedBook magazine and had I not been so slow in actually reading over the magazine I might have missed it altogether!

So glad I didn't!
As a Southern Californian it's a bit odd for me to say this but I&…

Summer Staple Series // Maxi + Nude Shoes

I am a firm believer in having a 'uniform' of sorts. Especially in my current role as W/SAHM ( I mean, I do try to get some work done during the day) housekeeper and toddler wrangler.
I always want to be cute. Always. Even when I don't feel well or it's bloody hot. But, I don't generally want to think about what it is that I'm wearing. Most mornings it's all I can do to get myself dressed and eyelashes mascara'd before it's time for D to leave for work. So the less I have to think about what I'm wearing the better. Enter the maxi dress. A summertime staple for all women.  Y'all know I love a good day dress and this midi/maxi trapeze dress from Line & Dot is just perfection in my book. It came to me via The Daily Look but you can also find it here and here  if you're not a member. It's priced the same. I would pretty much live in this dress if purchased and for the price I think it would be totally worth it. I love the slightly d…

Eat // Shrimp Tacos + Chipotle Crema

A lot of you asked about the tacos I posted on Insta last week so I thought I'd share the recipe and how they came to be.
I love the Food Network and all of the cooking shows. Ever since I started watching Top Chef I fancy myself some kind of food snob (even though I'm picky as hell) and that I can re-create almost anything. (In my own brilliant fantasies)
Now, I am not the most skilled cook of all time. I mean, I can hold my own but I wouldn't say I'm AMAZING. I have sister-in-loves that throw down so I don't even try to compete but I've been trying to step my game up. I've been making it a point to really be pro-active with my summer list and since that includes cooking I thought it high time to get adventurous. I can pretty much Pin myself to sleep but if I don't do anything with them, well, then that's just electronic hoarding isn't it?

So after checking my fridge and freezer I decided to try out this Shrimp Taco recipe. I'm all for putt…