Saturday Style // Straight West Coastin

I admit I'm not the most conventional of parents in terms of dress.
 I probably wear some things that some others wouldn't consider 'appropriate' (as evidenced from a few side eyes) and I'm okay with that but I've never shied away from my summer staples of cut-offs, a tee, flip flops or white sneakers. I've pretty much been rocking some variation of this look since the early 90's when I used to swipe my brothers old jeans and turn them into shorts.

Back then though, I was more or less wearing a track tee, a promo tee or a wife beater. 
As I said the other day, I was jazzed when the guys behind Private School said they were sending me a t-shirt.  So I told them my size not knowing how they fit and when they arrived I thought it maybe would be a little too tight for my taste.
But then I put it on and it fit perfectly. I've even washed it and it's still the same stretchy soft cotton it was upon first try on.

Shirt: Private School / Shorts: James Jeans / Shoes: Chuck Taylor 

This tee is definitely a favorite and I can't wait to see what else they come up with for summer.
I do love the state where I'm from and even more so my hometown. It makes my heart happy to see my friends do big things and to be able to support them in some way.
So this is me - straight West Coastin. While still being Mom.

*This is not a sponsored post. I did not receive any compensation and all thoughts and feelings wherein are my own.*


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