Friday Happy Hour // Officially Summer Edition

Happy Friday Y'all! 
We made it to the end of yet another glorious week.
We are in full on summer vacation mode and all schedules have been tossed out the window. (with the exception of those who must nap in order to remain sociable) so I've lost track of the days a bit.

* This week on the blog was all about owning one's personal style. If you like it wear it. Eff the "rules".

* It was another good mail week. Surprise package from Victoria's Secret from my bestie, books aplenty and coffee for days! Hooray for happy mail!

* Of course I needed to return the favor so I've been a busy bee with trips to the post office and sent some snail mail love to far flung friends.

Here's a few things from around the web I saw, liked and wanted to share:

* Instagram now has video. I cracked up at my FB friend's caption on this:

"Throw Back Thursdays!!! Too soon??? ...well played Instagram well played."

* Rouge & Whimsy reminded me of link I'd meant to click on The Glitter Guide. So glad she did. This will come in handy for a birthday party in the fall.

* I've been in a mood to create something fierce. We are so doing this next week.

* Speaking of denim shorts - Refinery29  and WhoWhatWear rounded up their top shorts for summer. 

* Oh and Rachel Zoe is pregnant again? BA-NANAS.

* Because it's been hot and only going to get hotter. These. We've officially entered Summer!! 

I mean.

Cheers y'all!


  1. Those popsicles look brilliant and the idea with the shorts is very cool. I am addicted to Vine at the moment - too funny. - Tasha xxx


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