Daily Style : Night of the White Pants

I fully admit I used to have a major aversion to white bottoms. Chalk it up to being clumsy and prone to spilling food, bad adolescent experiences, and a being told a rather ...ahem... less than flattering tall tale about women who wear white pants I just never really considered them an option for me. But I loved how crisp and clean they looked on others!
And then last summer I needed some bottoms to go with my gingham J.Crew button down and white seemed like my best bet, so I picked up a pair from Old Navy and found I loved them.
But I still only wore them maybe two or three times. Fast forward to this summer and I'm fully engaged in a search for the perfect white jean even though the thought terrifies me.

On my birthday we stopped off at TJ Maxx so I could grab a cross body bag and as soon as I walked in there was a rack of premium white denim. I did a quick scan and came across only one pair in my size in one of my favorite brands. I had no choice. I had to get them.
And I'm so glad I did.

I wore them out for dinner on Monday with the family and even though it gave me pause to think about the inevitable ketchup stain that would appear I went ahead wore them anyway.

I actually really liked how it all looked. Very clean, simple and ever so summer. It helpls that the  Mr. said that combined with the flowy top I looked all glowy and summer like. Two thumbs up from the hubs.  That may have been due to the wine but hey, I'll take it!

Top: Nordstom Rack / Pants: Paige Denim  via TJ Maxx / Shoes: Sam & Libby / Bag: Steven by Steve Madden
We were all impressed I managed to keep my dinner off my pants and D put Baby Ninja in and out of the car so as not to chance me inadvertently brushing against my dirty car. Because inevitably that would happen. But I got lucky this time!!

Of course, when we got home I sprinted up the stairs to take them off lest anything should happen on the way in the house (hey I'm clumsy....things happen to me) and promptly threw on cut-off's.
Success! I made it through a whole dinner with no mishaps!
Perhaps even next time I'll wear them the whole day!! Sans kids of course.

How do you feel about white pants?

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  1. I love white pants but I can totally related to the issues with kids and them! these look great on you.

  2. I looove your top! Perfect choice for the white pants. The flowy fabric seem so comfy, is it?

    If you have a sec, hope you can drop by my blog too and read my latest: www.fashchronicles.blogspot.com


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