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Summer Lovin' // Makin the Most of Our Time

I'll be the first to admit I enjoy the lazy days of summer more than most. Because my birthday pretty much kicked off my summer vacation I thrive in the relaxation of a slower pace. But not really because I'm still me and require activities to pique my interest. So while we will enjoy the summer months and all our 'free' time we still stick to a pretty general routine.
But I have no problem relaxing bedtimes for things like trips to the amusement parks, playing outside with cousins and friends, and family night at the park. And I'll go a little easier on the requests for icee's, ice cream and other frozen treats. Because hey it's Summer, and these kids are only young once. We might as well make the most of it.

So here's a few things we're doing to maximize our summer vacation:

* Get touristy. We plan on visiting some of So Cal's more memorable locations and experiencing them together as a family. Beaches, parks, piers and attractions. As I said b…

Summer Beauty // Barely There

We all know that I am somewhat of a makeup junkie. I love products and trying out new things and experimenting with new looks. I'm a total product hoarder and once I get hooked on something you better believe I'm going to run with it. And as I've gotten older I've learned what works for me and what I really need on a day to day basis. Of course, those needs change as the seasons do and I've found it even more necessary to switch things up.Your skin tends to get used to products after a certain time so if you notice it no longer has that same glow it once did it might be time to change something.
I always saw photos of these gorgeous stars with barely there makeup (if any) looking very refreshed and summer ready but it seemed that I could never get that same effect on myself.
Until lately.

For the last few months I've implemented some new products into my regular beauty routine and I can really tell a difference. I know it sounds cheesy but the addition of a nig…

Daily Style : Night of the White Pants

I fully admit I used to have a major aversion to white bottoms. Chalk it up to being clumsy and prone to spilling food, bad adolescent experiences, and a being told a rather ...ahem... less than flattering tall tale about women who wear white pants I just never really considered them an option for me. But I loved how crisp and clean they looked on others!
And then last summer I needed some bottoms to go with my gingham J.Crew button down and white seemed like my best bet, so I picked up a pair from Old Navy and found I loved them.
But I still only wore them maybe two or three times. Fast forward to this summer and I'm fully engaged in a search for the perfect white jean even though the thought terrifies me.

On my birthday we stopped off at TJ Maxx so I could grab a cross body bag and as soon as I walked in there was a rack of premium white denim. I did a quick scan and came across only one pair in my size in one of my favorite brands. I had no choice. I had to get them.
And I'…

Life + Style // How To Look Hot In A Minivan - Part One

One of my birthday presents was a gift a card and I wasted no time in putting it to use whittling down my Amazon wish list. I am somewhat of a book hoarder and I have no problem adding to my collection. Much more of an issue letting go of said books, especially if I loved them. My dream is to have library of sorts in our 'forever home' and if we can't have a dedicated library then we will need lots and lots of bookshelves.
Reading is one of my biggest passions. I love the insight, escape and knowledge you can glean from a book and adding to my bookshelf is something that brings me great joy. Also, who doesn't love getting mail from Amazon?
I got a total of four books last week and they for sure ran the gamut of topics from lifestyle to humor and I had a hard time deciding which to start first. If you follow me on Instagram you saw photos as they arrived and I shared how excited I was about them all.
Normally, I would start two at a time and think nothing of it and year…

Day Trippin // The Sea is Calling

When I was at Blissdom in March I made a promise via Johnson & Johnson to spend more time at play with my family.Now that Baby Ninja is older and more into things, I want to make sure this summer we are making memories and the kids understand how fortunate they are to be able to do some of the things we do. Simply because of where we live. While we're not taking fabulous exotic vacations at this time, we can go on tons of mini adventures. And this summer we plan to do just that. Really taking advantage of So Cal living and getting out to see the sights.

Growing up out here it's easy to become numb to all the fabulous things the state has to offer and you tend to forget about 'hidden gems' because you're so used to things. Having young children  and participating in their experiences has brought up many memories for both D and I so we are brainstorming places to take the kiddos all summer long. (Any thoughts?)

For my birthday last week, my mother got us passes f…

Friday Happy Hour // Officially Summer Edition

Happy Friday Y'all!  We made it to the end of yet another glorious week. We are in full on summer vacation mode and all schedules have been tossed out the window. (with the exception of those who must nap in order to remain sociable) so I've lost track of the days a bit.
* This week on the blog was all about owning one's personal style. If you like it wear it. Eff the "rules".

* It was another good mail week. Surprise package from Victoria's Secret from my bestie, books aplenty and coffee for days! Hooray for happy mail!

* Of course I needed to return the favor so I've been a busy bee with trips to the post office and sent some snail mail love to far flung friends.

Here's a few things from around the web I saw, liked and wanted to share:

* Instagram now has video. I cracked up at my FB friend's caption on this:

"Throw Back Thursdays!!! Too soon??? ...well played Instagram well played…