Weekend Getaway: Palm Springs Packing Essentials

Even though we just had Spring Break I'm already looking forward to Summer break.
(34 more days - not that I'm counting)
 I can't wait for the days of no alarm clocks, homework or afternoon carpool. 
Just me & my kiddos doing what we do.
But until then we have a few weeks of 'regular' routine left. 
And then......just when you can't stand it anymore.....Memorial Day weekend shows up.
Last year we were Palm Springs bound with our dear friends and we hope to do the same this year.
Since it was super last minute (like I had a day notice) I didn't get to properly 'plan' my outfits and being just shy of 4 months postpartum warm weather clothing was not really my friend. So I over packed as usual and ended up wearing a few pieces more than once and not wearing others at all. Live and learn right?
This year, I know what to expect and will be much more prepared since it will be time to head out before I know it.

Weekend Getaway

If last summer was any indicator I know we will be spending lazy days by the pool (it's hot as blazes) and wandering into town to peruse some of the cool vintage shops and for some gelato. I plan on only bringing the basic necessities and know that I don't want anything that may feel 'heavy'. Simplicity is key. So is bringing pieces that mix and match so there is not a lot to pack up to take home! 
Nestled in the base of the San Jacinto Mountains Palm Springs has long been a fun weekend getaway for So. Cal residents. I've been going for as long as I can remember and it's a nice trip away with the family but not so far that it requires much packing or planning. We love that the atmosphere is very low key and allows for us to be out and about with our kids without too much of a 'party scene' to worry about.

Where do you go for a weekend getaway? 

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