Talk Tuesday // Birthday Wish List

Yesterday marked the unofficial countdown to my birthday. I had a childhood friend who's birthday was May 20th and for me that was always the marker for it being close to my birthday!!
If you don't already know I pretty much love my birthday. It's my favorite. Because I love any excuse to have a party I'll be hosting an awesome giveaway the week leading up to it so make sure you follow the blog on Bloglovin (----->) and the FB page for updates!
We all know I love to shop and being an avid magazine reader, social media junkie and blogger I constantly have my eye on things to write about, lust over and wish for. Therefore I am perpetually adding to my Amazon wish list but it's rare that I get to check it off fully. Sure I've been able to score some of my spring wish list items in recent weeks thanks to some savvy shopping but there are many other things that strike my fancy and I'm just not able to budget for them all!
Now, of course I don't expect anything but lots of love from my family and friends on my special day but a girl can dream right? So, on the off chance that any of my friends / family are reading this here's a few things that would just make my day.

Birthday Wish List

I am a total book nerd and have several on my shelf that I'm currently in the process of reading and several others that I am dying to get to. I just haven't made the time but I vow to change that this summer.
1. I've heard great things about Mindy's book and would love to get my hands on that.
2. I saw Niecy on The View last week and had forgotten how funny she was. I had no idea she wrote a book but I love the title and since I am committed to having a kick-ass marriage this definitely needs to be added to the bookshelf.
3. We all know I have a major style crush on June so of course I need her book on effortless style! It's something I'm perpetually trying to achieve so yeah....need that for sure.
4. Because who doesn't want a multi-colored cork clutch? It will go with everything and be the perfect neutral all summer long.
5. Speaking of effortless style in addition to my awesome lace shorts I want to add a fun romper to the wardrobe and think this might work.
6. It comes in gold now. GOLD people!! I need this for my couch. Now.
7. Macbook Air this would change my life. No longer a slave to the desk top for uploading photos and editing it would be a game changer. Once I figured out all the bells & whistles.
8. Pretty shoes are a must on a birthday list. I mean.
9. I drink coffee pretty much every morning and tea in the evening (weather permitting) so a fun and flirty mug is just the thing I need to jump start my day.

Of course I also love cards (they are my absolute favorite), flowers, gift cards (they are the gift that keeps on giving) and balloons but mostly I just love spending the day with family and friends!

How do you celebrate your birthday?

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