Style File: The Long & Short of It

In recent weeks (as the weather has gone from cool spring days to sweltering pre-summer mornings) I've had shorts on the brain.
I'm a huge fan of dresses (as evidenced herehere) for everyday wear.
Particularly when the weather gets warm, but sometimes....sometimes I just don't want to wear a dress.
Sometimes I want to rock some shorts and not have to worry about a strong gust of wind. 
And not just bummy shorts (like my favoritest evah cut-off's) but something a little more classy and refined.
Enter the dressy short.
My friend Andrea of For the Love of tends to pull off effortless dressing with a style and grace I  lack but I fell in love with how she styled these shorts for a day to night look.
One of the things I love about Andrea and her style is how she works her wardrobe.
She makes sure if she's spending her money on something it's going to work several different ways and I can totally dig that.
For day:


For evening:

Laura from Ascot Friday also pulls of the effortless look well and hello fancy shorts! 
Laura of Hollywood Housewife fame actually kind of kicked things off for me when she rocked an all white look last week. I thought - "Ok, maybe I can do this. She looks sophisticated AND cool."

The Stylish Housewife Jenn also pulls the shorts off really well. Even though she says she's not a shorts person

scalloped shorts
I love the idea of the great fitting short as both a day or night time piece however, it's kind of hard to find any shorts these days that aren't butt skimming or thigh hugging and at my age post kids - the last thing you want is to be/feel self-conscious in your shorts.

And can we get three cheers for these stylish mamas?! I mean..... 
Having kids is one thing, maintaining a sense of yourself, developing your personal style and incorporating all that into your daily life is a horse of a different color.

So yesterday morning I started a conversation on the C2C page about my latest obsession and of course my stylish mama friend Heather hipped me to a Free People pair that was available at T.J. Maxx.
Let me just say that Heather is a for reals #maxxinista. She always gets the best stuff for her and her kids there and I'm always wondering why I never see that stuff! 
But my last two trips have been fruitful so I loaded up the kids and we headed over after lunch.
Upon entering the store there they were...front and center: ivory and black lace shorts.
With an elastic waistband. Holla!!
Found the exact shorts in both ivory and white and for a fraction of their retail price! So what to do? Buy both or just think on them?

I came home and started playing around on Polyvore to come up with some looks and was still hemming and hawing over an hour later.

styling lace shorts

styling lace shorts by ambs32 featuring fitness shirts

And then.... I caved.
  ( I mean...what if they were gone when I went back later in the week?) 
I'm such an impulsive shopper (hence the oft felt buyers remorse and trips to make returns) but I have to say....I think I might be winning with this one.
I played a little dress up when I got home and even though I was still unsure I easily pulled 3 outfits for each and as per my floral blazer style guide I paired it with the black shorts and metallic pumps!

Voila! Two outfits for the price of one and I feel good about the purchases!!
I will now not be shopping until my birthday as I have been a little OOC the past few weeks. 

What styles have caught your eye lately?

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  1. Aw, you are so sweet! I love me a deal!!

    And now I really want to go back and buy these shorts!

  2. YES I have that same blazer from target wore it yesterday! I love the shorts they are soo cute! Loved the way you styled them with the blazer!

  3. Get them BOTH! I have a black pair and wish I had a cream pair.

    XO Chelsea

  4. I like the outfit and your friends too.


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