Spring Fling: Date Night

I love a date night don't you?
I get all excited and my heart is all a flutter like I'm 19 and going on my first date all over again. 
Even though I'm dating the same man who watched me brush my teeth and handed me toilet paper that morning.
What really excites me though is the thought of getting dressed up to hang out with my man! I'm pretty casual chic most days so putting on some heels and hitting the town is a beautiful thing!
But, sometimes schedules (or finances) don't allow for a lavish Saturday night out on the town so maybe you have to settle for a trip to Barnes & Noble and some Pinkberry on a Wednesday evening

That doesn't mean that you can't still jazz things up a bit!
The right jewelry and shoes can take a shorts and shirt to the next level and make it definitely date worthy!

Midweek Date Night

I love the idea of a printed short paired with wedges to add a little oomph to a daytime outfit. 
I would totally wear this for a day date with my love.
A printed skirt with flat sandals topped by a denim jacket is a great way to go for a stroll around our city's towne center in warmer weather.

What would you wear for a mid-week date night?

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  1. I love date nights, lunches or anything! And getting dressed up or going casual is just as fun. Also, that skirt is so PRETTY! love it paired with a chambray top.

    Xo Chelsea http://shesaidhesaid-fashion.blogspot.com/2013/05/printed-pants-two-ways.html


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