Friday Happy Hour: Real Talk Edition

This would've been up hours ago but yesterday was not one of my better days.
It all begin well enough but thanks to some roadwork being done literally right next to our house it ended up with an overtired cranky baby who could/would not nap for more than 30 minutes throwing a monkey wrench in our daily routine. 
This contributed to us both being cranky and frustrated. Every time he got settled and fell asleep a machine or truck would start up and jolt him awake.
Did I mention his room is in the front of the house? So yeah. 
We took it outside for bit to clear our heads and enjoy nature and I must say that was refreshing. 

We used to take walks often but stopped when it grew cold. Must start that up again.
So I was a little short and cross and Baby Bear was trying to be his playful self it just came out  whiny and tired which is just an all around bad combo.
Later, I sat alone for awhile in the evening painting my nails (and subsequently undoing said paint) while reflecting on my day and my emotions. 
And I realized where I had failed as a mother and a wife and what I could do in the future to either prevent days like this or just how to better communicate my frustrations. 
Hmmph. Who knew a little alone time and reflection would amount to me noticing my faults.
Thank goodness not everyday is like yesterday most days are like this
and we are allowed to start fresh each morning.
Which is what I did today - with a nice cup of coffee.

In other news - taking the lace shorts out for a spin this weekend (weather permitting) check back next week for the full look. 

I don't want to leave things on a heavy note so here's this week's drink and a few fun links!


* I recently discovered StylePantry and her Instagram account. Needless to say I am obsessed.
 I mean
* I fell in love with the looks of Besty Burnham thanks to La Dolce Vita 

* Because I totally used to feel like this when I worked in an office. Hilarious.

*Have a drink for me!

Lemonade Sparkler
Doesn't that look refreshing?

Happy weekending! 

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  1. I like the picture of the girl with the afro. I'm going to file it.


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