Friday, May 10, 2013

Friday Happy Hour: Mother's Day Edition

In honor of Mother's Day this weekend this week's Happy Hour is all about the mama's, what's been happening around here and a few other fun items from around the web.

*On the FB page I shared my realization that camo pants are a MUST for a mama with a toddler. Especially if you play outside on a day after it rained. Word to the wise.
Photo: Day job: toddler wrangler. This is my uniform. Camo pants for the win!
p.s. I'm totally in love with these pants and this sweatshirt combo - why have I not worn this before????
* I also talked about beer and how I'm a newbie. Honey Crisp Apple Wheat. I'm now a convert.
* Saturday I stopped by my dad's house and lucked up on a DSLR Nikon D60. Can you say stoked???
Photo: Y'all, I have been looking into getting a "real blogger" dslr and was talking about it with my dad and lo and behold look what he had lying around? Score! Now I must figure out how to use it

I have delusions on taking it out for a spin this weekend.

* I was featured on Polyvore as part of their "Brilliant Blogger Sets of the Week". I pretty much haven't recovered from that since.

****Around the web****

* A few weeks ago the WSJ posted an article (that actually read) about blogging/women's conference's. Morgan at  The 818 summed it up rather nicely. Alissa also touched on it this week.
Mad respect to both of these busy workin mama's!

* This clip cracked me up. Giggle amongst yourselves.

* Nikki created this wicked graffiti inspired nail art. I'm totally willing to copy her and re-create this.

*These sandals are a must. #imean. Dammit Target! #summeriscoming

* For the Love Of got back into a pair of pre-pregnancy jeans. Get it Girl! I can dig that like nobody's business after posting this photo on IG a week ago. 

* Pretty much one of my favorite celeb mamas and she KILLED it at the Met Gala. Beauty Spectacles did a great round up of some of the best in beauty that night

* And because I'm all about not letting being a mama squash your sartorial tastebuds WhoWhatWear culled the essentials of the stylish celeb mama for us to shop!

* This looks delish and I would like to partake in one with Sunday Brunch!

Cheers to Mother's everywhere!

What are you doing to celebrate your Mother?

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