Lucky FABB - Day 2

While Day 1 was exhausting in the best possible way.
Bloggers, celebrities, coffee, cute shoes... .oh my!
Day 2 was all about break out sessions, networking and the brand experiences.
With the creme de la creme of fashionistas milling about the SLS was the stuff of fashion dreams.
I wish I'd  captured some of the event on video as there really aren't enough words to express the type of energy flowing.
It was kind of like magic.
I showed up super early on Day 2 as traffic was unusually light and I had actually planned my outfit the day before sitting in traffic on the way home.
And for once it came out the same in real life as it did in my head! Camo pants again for the win!

spent a little time with some Tacori gems

Top - Target/ Pants- GAP / Shoes - Sole Society / Jewelry - H&M 

In the Style Network Lounge - that dresser...I MEAN!

The day started off great by meeting my partner in crime for the day the adorable Chelsea and breakfast with Miss Me Jeans. 
me & chelsea - i heart her

I also got to finally meet Amberly! We've been tweeting for months and just happened to sit next to each other at breakfast! 

Blogger buds (Nikki, Me, Chelsea, Gareen
**please note we didn't plan to stand dress/pants/dress/pants,it kind of just worked out that way!**

Lucky FABB was a great way to kick off my weekend and I'm so happy I was able to attend!
If you have any specific questions about the breakout sessions and panels feel free to email me and I'll be happy to go into more detail!

Camo Twins! Brave male soul in a sea of women!

I loved meeting all kinds of great new bloggers, bounce ideas off of one another and just be inspired by each and every ensemble. The brand experiences were equally great and I certainly hope I was able to forge some working relationships in the future.

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  1. secretly hate you. looks & sounds like such a great time!!!! The outfit came out great- maybe i should use my traffic time for planning!

  2. SO great to meet you! Ahhh, I'm still having Lucky FABB withdrawals...I want to go baaaack! LOL! Have a great weekend! :)



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