Kate Young for Target

Sunday marked the launch of another designer collaboration with Target. 
Celebrity stylist turned designer Kate Young is the latest young talent to be tapped to work with the retail giant. 
Granted its not your usual designer collab, per'se but that's also what makes it so unique.
The launch party for the collection was star studded with the hippest of the cool kids.
Michelle Williams, Maggie Gyllenhall, and Kate Mara.
What I loved about that was that not only are these women talented actresses they're also stylish mamas! You know how I feel about a stylin' mama!
The limited edition collection features fun, flirty and chic special occasion and semi-formal pieces. Y'all know I love me some target and enjoy all the different launches they have be it home or fashion and I have to say, there are some really cute pieces.

I fully admit that the basic black, white & red color palette initially sucked me in 
( I'm a sucker for the basics) 
but when viewing the Kate Young styled look book (quite apropos) I was even more drawn in.
There's something to be said about somebody who can not only create the clothes but take it a step further and come up with entire looks and a collection that mixes and matches perfectly.
I could definitely see myself rocking these looks for a dinner party, ladies night or an evening out with the Mr.

Do I love all the pieces? No. But that's to be expected right? I don't love all of anything generally.
I haven't even been into a store yet to see how it all feels and holds up in real life but I am intrigued.
Now, one thing I absolutely must comment on is the use / return of the body suit. While I am not a fan of them in general (having had one too many snap on me back in the day) I think I can actually get behind the ones in this collection. I really dig how they were styled and would love to try them out and see how it really stands up. (stay tuned)

Your Turn: Are you at all interested in the Kate Young Collection?


  1. Look 3! I love it! Though I think this collection is a bit too "fancy" for my needs, there are some great pieces.

  2. I like the jumpsuit as well, they are so cute! The collection is cute, agreed I don't love every piece either.

    Xo Chelsea http://shesaidhesaid-fashion.blogspot.com/


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