How to Be Awesome: Punch Fear In The Face And Just Start


One of the additional perks of Blissdom is the ridiculous amount of swag we received.
I'm not kidding y'all.
Folks were shipping stuff home. Not to worry, that was covered too. 
We had some wicked awesome speakers including the incomparable Scott Stratten, John Morgan and Jon Acuff.
I know what you're thinking....wasn't that like a women's blogging conference?
Why so many male speakers?
Don't get me wrong we had a ton of women too.
In fact I'm beyond inspired to connect further with some of the women I met.
But I digress......
Two of the books we received were by Jon Acuff - Start (not even gone to press yet y'all!) and Scott Stratten - The Book of Business Awesome.
I'm super excited to delve into them both.
I tried to start on the plane but my little peepers would not stay open!

I loved a lot of what both Jon and Scott had to say.
 They are quite opposites in demeanor but the underlying message is the same:
In order to be awesome you have to start.
You simply must begin. Take that first step and see where it leads.
Punch fear in the face and go for it.
While Jon was talking, he encouraged us to write down our fears and leave them on there on the table.
That was hard. Both the writing, giving life to the words inside, and then to leave them on the table for someone else to pick up. Sure it didn't have my name on it but it was out there. For the world to see. Kind of scary.
But if felt good to leave it on the table in Dallas and let it be swept away into the trash.
To really let go of the fear and just invite in the awesome and get going!
So that's where I'm at.
On the road to getting unstuck and back to being awesome.

Where are you on your path?


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