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This week has just flown by!
 I've been back from Blissdom for two weeks and it's been a whirlwind ever since.
I just barely unpacked and had a mountain of laundry to do ( I swore I did all this before I left!)
And my mind is oh so busy and full of ideas.
Oh and then Lucky FABB was last week so there's that too.....Oy.

So, I thought I'd link up with Alissa (who I had the pleasure of spending time with at Blissdom) and  
and combine two of my favorite and guilty pleasures : Instagram &Coffee.

If we were having coffee I would tell you that I have no idea where the last two weeks have gone.
We have been so busy and then playing catch up that I'm having a hard time catching my breath!
I would also tell you that thanks to Blissdom and Lucky FABB I have met some amazing bloggers and new friends that I can't wait to work with!
I would also share that I am a bit frazzled and hate that I feel like I'm "behind" in my blogging. I was doing so well with my calendar and then I started prepping for Blissdom and it all went down hill from there......shame on me.
I would also tell you that I need to get over myself and just do a vlog already!
I would also tell you I'm excited to host my first giveaway next week! 
Hooray for stepping my game up! 
I would also tell you that the whole "numbers game" stresses me out. I know analytic's are awesome and a great way to show reach and influence but how can you measure engagement?
One of my favorite quotes from both conferences said "It's not about the number of likes or followers a person has. It's about their engagement with their audience/readers.  I know my numbers are not the highest but I also know that I have quite a large network that many not comment on every post or follow via GFC but they are active via FB/Twitter/ IG/Pinterest etc...
So frustrating! 
So....having said that - let's get social y'all! 
(check out all my buttons at the top right!)

And here is my life through my cell phone. 

Because if I don't take a photo it didn't' really happen right?

(from the top)
the ninja in search of pancakes/ my crazy kids on easter/ my hometown/sleepy babies/
happy boy/ everyday i'm hustling/ boho mama/ bad hair day/
AG Jeans Suite/ Yosi Samra sandals/ Easter Bunny/ Cows! /
Lucky fabb / Sydne Summer - Me- Emily Schulman / Inspiration

Linking up with Jeanett & Alissa today.

What's your life look like lately?


  1. Such pretty kids love! I agree been a hectic week, thank god for great smartphones that take perfect photos! LOL Have a great day!

    XO Chelsea


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