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Hey y'all! 
By now you may have heard the news that GFC is becoming obsolete? 
Perhaps?? Anywho - people were F R E A K I N G out. 
I mean - how would anyone know how many people like and follow your blog?  How ever would we tell how popular (how much of an influencer) you are without it?
That seems insane to not have some kind of counter right?  (I kid)
But seriously - the blogging community was all twitter-pated about it.
Enter - Bloglovin'
I've actually been using Bloglovin' for awhile and kind of prefer it. 
In fact - that's pretty much the only way I read blogs anymore. It's so much easier to get one email that has all of my favorite spaces in there!
Not to mention that my basic reader was getting cluttered with blogs I don't read/follow anymore but couldn't figure out how to delete! 
Call me lazy but Bloglovin' is where it's at!
I also dig that you can categorize all the blogs you read so it filters them for you!
It's pretty much my favorite thing! 
So if you're not already - PLEASE head click on the button on the right (or the one below) and follow me!! 

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  1. Great blog!

    If you get a sec, check out my latest post 'Striped Trench'.



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