What to Pack: Blissdom Panic Edition

So I'm leaving for Blissdom in under a week. Next Thursday afternoon to be exact.That's a few short days that I know will pass all too quickly!
I feel so unprepared! So much has been going on! But I have a plan of action so I'm not too panicked. Sort of. Packing for me is generally stressful and I usually start mentally preparing a month or so in advance and this time is no different.  I make a ton of lists, collages and sometimes a whole story board.
Except that I'm not going on vacation and will be meeting hundred's of people. So I need to be cute. And comfortable. And put-together(ish). Like someone you'd want to represent your brand.
"You never get a second chance to make a first impression."
So yeah. Sigh. I have a few outfit ideas for the weekend but it's just a bit overwhelming thinking about putting it all together. During nap time on Friday I pulled some looks together but just as I was starting to photograph the little man woke up! Party pooper. Hope to get that done on later this week so I can stop thinking about it!!

Conference Call

Madewell shirt / Monki long shirt,  / Prabal Gurung down blouse / Splendid tank top / AG Adriano Goldschmied cropped jeans / Legging / H&M short skirt, $22 / Bobi stretch pants, $60 / Sole Society / NARS Cosmetics  / Too Faced Cosmetics / Clarisonic face cleanser / Rosebud Perfume Co beauty product / Smashbox beauty product / Zine Girls V-Neck Pocket White Tee Shirt

This is pretty much the basis for my packing. I think I'm just going to start with this and see how it goes.
Here's the stuff I KNOW is going with me. All the clothing options are just waiting for me to make my final decision.

Business Cards: My lovely friend Heather created these bad ass looking beauties.
Isn't she awesome? I just heart her. She basically just took my words and a few image ideas I sent to her and ran with it. I.AM.OBSESSED. I can't wait to pass these out.

Electronics: iPad, Phone, (chargers for both + power strip)
Notebook: Cuz I'm old school like that. (And how PERFECT is the quote on the front!?? I mean.....as soon as I saw it I was like THIS is for me)

Camera: How crazy am I going to look with my little point and shoot while everyone else is rockin' their DSLR's?
Makeup: (see above) Going to keep it simple with two palettes, concealer, tinted moisturizer, highlighter, mascara and blush. Done and done. Oh and the lip balm. can't do anything without that.

Does anyone else have trouble packing? How do you decide what to take? 


  1. LOVE all of these...don't be surprised if they're not in your suitcase on the way home. ; )

  2. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!?!? I saw that notebook at TJmaxx and wanted to get it for you sooo bad for blissdom, but I didn't know how/if I could get it to you... and boom! You already had it! It just SCREAMED Amber!!!!

    I pack EveryThang... I mean EveryThang... I get so sad when I get somewhere and didn't pack that one piece that could really bring everything together... So I just shove it all in there... Im not very organized packer, but it all gets there!!!

    Love you! So excited for you!!!


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