The Game is Afoot

Two years ago back when I was working at HL we girls decided to partake in some of the March Madness basketball action on our own.
Having decided all the other pools were too rich for our tastes we created our own. And the pay off was ever so sweet. Mafia Madness if you will.

I'm a huge fan of March Madness. Love all the excitement and intensity surrounding the tournament and all the trash talking that goes on in bracketology. Win or go home.
It may seem odd that I'm so into this but I have my older brother to thank. He used to watch the games and ask my opinions on teams so it became fun for me. 

Fast forward a million years and now I do the same with my Mr.
We each eagerly fill out a bracket and wait to see how "our" teams fare.
It's my job to keep him updated since I have access to all the games during the day.  Let me just tell's wicked fun. And not to brag....but I'm pretty good with my picks. It drives my husband and other sports aficionados nuts because there is no rhyme or reason to my picks. I just go with what feels right. Sometimes I lose. More often than not I win.
Back to the ladies.....unfortunately we all no longer work together but we still fill in the brackets.

The first year me and my birthday twin were the top winners.
All the guys in the office were jealous when they saw my winnings.
Snickers, Reese's Peanut Butter Cups and Twix bars......mmmm....thats my kind of pot!! Ha!
It was the business.
Last year we didn't have any 'real' tangible winnings. And we did kind of slack off on completely filling out the brackets.....but I chalk that up to being a 'transition' year for us.
This year we will be doing sweet treats. I'm hoping for some Porto's cheese rolls personally.
I mean.....who wouldn't like getting yummy snacks in the mail?

Bracketology has begun and I couldn't be more excited.

In the words of Queen Bey " Bow Down Bitches" ........the game is afoot!

Do any of you stylish folk play along with March Madness?


  1. I got into March Madness about 7 years ago when I was bartending. Then I organized it at my office job & we did it for a couple years. The last couple years, I just got too busy and didn't do it early enough. But I was just thinking today that I want to fill out a bracket just for fun!

  2. the madness has definitely begun. i went to an all girl's college (with no bball team), so i've never been into it, but good luck with your bracket!


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