Springing into Summer

Part of the reason I love living in Southern Cali is days like today. After a few crisp & cool days followed by some rain, it's beautiful out.
Sun is shining and the sky is clear. I'm wearing shorts and it's March. Yeah.
And obviously bathing suits are hanging from the racks and highlighted in the newsletters of all my favorite stores. Along with cute shorts and sandals.
Hurry up Summer!
I'm excited. I love the warmer weather. Gloomy weather only makes me want to hunker down and bake things.
But this surge into the spring sun also means it's time to step up the workout routine a bit. I've been kind of lax in the last few months weeks and I need to kick it into high gear. 
I personally believe one can never have too many bathing suits and will definitely be investing in a few as my body has changed yet again since last summer.
So weird to think that I was working on getting off the baby weight last year  so I could get into a bathing suit by Mother's Day and here I am now, a full year later plotting on just ramping up a bit to get bikini ready. Time flies I tell you.
To keep us all motivated I thought I'd share a few of my favorites for this season.
Along with some workouts I love.

Bathing suits!

I'll be back later in the month to share a complete post on how I lost all the baby weight and how I'm maintaining that one year later but would love to hear from YOU in the meantime.

How do you stay fit? What motivates you to work out?


  1. I think you know my answer to both those questions :)

    This year I am having the worst time with wanting ALL. THE. BATHING. SUITS. Walking in Target is like a siege on my wallet. EEEEK.


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