Life & Style : Currently Crushing on June Ambrose

I love how fashion has changed over time and that while we all still rave about designer fashions the masses are much more impressed with the people behind the clothes. 
The ones who dress our favorite stars while setting  and inspiring street style trends all on their own.
Sure, the majority of the world is all "bananas" over the ever awesome, always stylish Rachel Zoe.
But do y'all know about another over the top stylist with her own show on Vh1?
My current style crush the incomparable and fabulously stylish: June Ambrose
First - I love her because her name is my birth month and Ambrose is pretty close to Amber right?
I totally makes sense in my head. We need to be friends.
Second -  her style is super wicked. Like sick with it. She makes me want to try new things and really just express myself through fashion! I've know of her for quite sometime and always loved to see her styling credits in my favorite magazines but she was never really a household name until recently. I am so happy the rest of the world is catching up! 

Having styled the likes of hip-hop legends such as Jay-Z, P.Diddy and Missy Elliot, Ambrose was given the freedom to really express herself, go big and  let the excess of the hip-hop culture of the late nineties shine through. Thusly, launching her headfirst into the world of styling and making quite the name for herself.

She recently did a spread with The Coveteur and it is nothing short of amazing.

June Ambrose

I mean.......


 And can we just talk about how sick her closet is? This is the stuff my dreams are made of!


Currently, June has a ridiculous celebrity clientele, a show on VH1, a shoe line with HSN that launched last week.  

She also continues to make waves on Instagram/Pinterest/ Twitter and in street style photos. 
Ms. June is hustlin her ass off, continuing to get her name out there and showcase to the world how fly she is......for that I heart her unabashedly.


Personally, I am obsessed with her and her funky style. Sure it's a bit more 'out there' than my everyday gear but when you put into perspective what she does for a living....well it all makes perfect sense.
 images via / here, here & here 

Add to that the fact that she's a mama (#rockmomchronicles) to two little fashion mavens in the making and you can see why I dig her. 
I mean....what seven year old gets to go to NYFW and sit front row!!

I also love that when my daughter says she wants to work in fashion and then only really sees images of women that don't look like her, making waves in the fashion world, I have a fabulous example of a wife, mother and creative being pursuing her dreams while maintaining her family life to share with her!

Now that I've shared a bit of why I heart Ms. June it's your turn.......

Who's one of your stylish icons?


  1. I absolutely love June! She is my style best friend in my head. My style is much more laid back and casual so it's nice that my best friend goes all out lol



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