2013: A Style Resolution or Revolution

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If the beginning of a new year is all about renewal and making ourselves over I don't intend to limit myself to just the physical (workout more/ eat better), the mundane (develop and stick to a cleaning schedule), or the aspirational (blog consistently, work on more campaigns, build brand).
I have sartorial resolutions as well. 
My style has gotten a major overhaul in the last few years (thank you FIDM and Hautelook) mostly in part due to the fact that I attended fashion school and the girls there were.....well they had their own style for sure. And then I went to work for one of the top E-Commerce fashion sites and it was like a catwalk every.single.day.
In the beginning I had no idea what I was doing and some days I still don't.
But I love how fashion makes me feel and how I get inspired from other people's ensembles.
So I decided that I'm going to make some style resolutions this year.
I feel like I now have a firm grip on my ever evolving style and don't want to fall into the same ruts as years prior. 

So I made a list of 5 things I need to remember when thinking about my style this year:

  • Quality over quantity. I will not be buying things just because they are on sale and inexpensive. Or buying just to be buying. If it's a quality piece it's worth investing in. Some of my priciest purchases are from years ago and things I still wear.
  • Trending? Sometimes you need to say no. - I have a tendency to get caught up in the next big thing (studs? check) ankle boots? check colored denim? sold. But I don't really pay attention to if it's really ME or not. At least I never did. Lately I have and am realizing even more that what looks AWESOME on my 20 something counterpart may just look foolish on me. And that's okay. I don't have to 'own' every trend.
  • Re-mix or fix it. this is such a huge one for me - I need to get better at remixing the clothes that I already have before I go rush out and buy anything else new. This also applies to getting my jeans hemmed to the proper length or taken in as necessary so that the fit is as precise as if they were custom made. I know this will make all the difference.
  • Accessories are key! I pretty much stopped wearing dangly earrings and bracelets once the baby hit the grabby stage and only wear necklaces occasionally. Now that he's a little bigger (and less grabby) I need to incorporate all my fun pieces back into my wardrobe to spice things up!
  • Own a signature look. I know that there are certain styles/outfits/makeup looks I gravitate too and taking photos has certainly helped hone and define my style. I see what (I think) is lacking and areas to improve. I aim to rock a bold lip or defined eye and keep it simple while staying true to my lifestyle.

I've already done pretty good by trying a few things that are outside my box and one or two trends 
(prints! patterns! leather!) that I feel work for my lifestyle and are in line with my resolutions.
I'm going to try to post about what I buy and why and what inspired those purchase as the year progresses but that may or may not be wishful thinking. 
I'm pretty excited about all the other 'personal style' posts I have planned and can't wait to share them with you!

Your Turn: What is your personal style? Do you have any style/fashion resolutions for this year?


  1. Good tips! Always nice to be reminded of resolutions a few months into the year. I have been working on editing my closet and getting rid of things that I never wear. Perhaps a new spring cleaning project!!

  2. Such good tips! I need to work on this too...I have all these plans & goals but then I see something on trend and just say eff it. Quality over quantity KATIE!!! haha

    Ps- i didn't know you work at HauteLook!! Are you still there?!


  3. I am on the same boat! Need to quit impulse shopping, i can't even imagine working at Hautelook that def would make me want to buy stuff lol!

    If you have time check out my blog, I'd love to keep in touch




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