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Life & Style : Currently Crushing on June Ambrose

I love how fashion has changed over time and that while we all still rave about designer fashions the masses are much more impressed with the people behind the clothes.  The ones who dress our favorite stars while setting  and inspiring street style trends all on their own. Sure, the majority of the world is all "bananas" over the ever awesome, always stylish Rachel Zoe. But do y'all know about another over the top stylist with her own show on Vh1? My current style crush the incomparable and fabulously stylish: June Ambrose First - I love her because her name is my birth month and Ambrose is pretty close to Amber right? I totally makes sense in my head. We need to be friends. Second -  her style is super wicked. Like sick with it. She makes me want to try new things and really just express myself through fashion! I've know of her for quite sometime and always loved to see her styling credits in my favorite magazines but she was never really a household…

Style File : Leather & Fringe

One of the best things about going to Blissdom was the outfit planning. I loved that I had to really work my closet (and available suitcase space) and that I was able to rock some recent purchases and re-style them in a fun way.

(leggings - cotton on/ top - prabal gurung for Target / shoes - Aviesta+Monica )

I knew Friday was going to be a busy day and like always I wanted to be comfortable and cute. But I also wanted to stand out somewhat in this sea of seasoned bloggers. I packed my trusty leather leggings, my favorite fuchsia flats and my fabulously floral top.

It was a match made in heaven.

I also packed my fabulous fringe heels for an extra oomph. I knew I would be doing a lot of walking so I wore my flats for most of the day. But when my friend JJ said she was taking outfit photos and did I want in I was all heckss yeah! So I grabbed the Monica's to kick things up a notch.

I posted a few photos on IG and it was fun to see one of my fave DIY bloggers Glitter N' Glue post …

Stretched: To Blissdom And Back

If you follow me on Instagram , Twitterof Facebook I probably blew up your feed as this past weekend I had the pleasure of attending Blissdom in Dallas. Sorry about that.  It was pretty amazing. I know.... it sounds super cheesy to say but its true. It was just plain awesome. I mean, I met so many great people and learned so much that I know it will take me a minute to really process all that happened.This weekend really stretched me not only as a blogger/writer but as a person. And I'll be recapping some of the event highlights over the next few days. I have to admit that I was having a bit of anxiety in the weeks and days leading up to the event. I knew that I wanted to go. I really did. But I was nervous. I am an extroverted introvert (or ambivert as I learned) and it can sometimes be hard for me to meet a lot of new people at once.  And then there's the fear of the dreaded 'small talk'.  Got into my own head and started down a road of some negative self talk (I…

The Game is Afoot

Two years ago back when I was working at HL we girls decided to partake in some of the March Madness basketball action on our own. Having decided all the other pools were too rich for our tastes we created our own. And the pay off was ever so sweet. Mafia Madness if you will.

I'm a huge fan of March Madness. Love all the excitement and intensity surrounding the tournament and all the trash talking that goes on in bracketology. Win or go home. It may seem odd that I'm so into this but I have my older brother to thank. He used to watch the games and ask my opinions on teams so it became fun for me. 

Fast forward a million years and now I do the same with my Mr.
We each eagerly fill out a bracket and wait to see how "our" teams fare.
It's my job to keep him updated since I have access to all the games during the day.  Let me just tell's wicked fun. And not to brag....but I'm pretty good with my picks. It drives my husband and other sports aficionados…

What to Pack: Blissdom Panic Edition

So I'm leaving for Blissdom in under a week. Next Thursday afternoon to be exact.That's a few short days that I know will pass all too quickly!
I feel so unprepared! So much has been going on! But I have a plan of action so I'm not too panicked. Sort of. Packing for me is generally stressful and I usually start mentally preparing a month or so in advance and this time is no different.  I make a ton of lists, collages and sometimes a whole story board.
Except that I'm not going on vacation and will be meeting hundred's of people. So I need to be cute. And comfortable. And put-together(ish). Like someone you'd want to represent your brand.
"You never get a second chance to make a first impression." So yeah. Sigh. I have a few outfit ideas for the weekend but it's just a bit overwhelming thinking about putting it all together. During nap time on Friday I pulled some looks together but just as I was starting to photograph the little man…

Springing into Summer

Part of the reason I love living in Southern Cali is days like today. After a few crisp & cool days followed by some rain, it's beautiful out. Sun is shining and the sky is clear. I'm wearing shorts and it's March. Yeah. And obviously bathing suits are hanging from the racks and highlighted in the newsletters of all my favorite stores. Along with cute shorts and sandals. Hurry up Summer! I'm excited. I love the warmer weather. Gloomy weather only makes me want to hunker down and bake things. But this surge into the spring sun also means it's time to step up the workout routine a bit. I've been kind of lax in the last few months weeks and I need to kick it into high gear.  I personally believe one can never have too many bathing suits and will definitely be investing in a few as my body has changed yet again since last summer. So weird to think that I was working on getting off the baby weight last year  so I could get into a bathing suit by Mother's Da…

March Madness

"They" say March rolls in like a lion and rolls out like a lamb and in this instance I'm kinda hoping that will be true. Things are really happening around here and I am so excited about all that is to come! This month officially marks 5 years that I have been blogging.  Five. Years. That seems crazy bananas. I started this blog to basically document the crazy things that were coming out of Sweet Pea's mouth at the time (she was 5) and now I am headed in a whole new direction but still very much on the same path. (if that makes any sense) And I know most bloggers would host some kind of amazing giveaway and I had plans to do all that but then....ya happened and I got behind on posting, emailing and planning and before I knew it....boom. It was March. What can I say, I am a creative being and we are known procrastinators.
But that pressure is also what spurs us to do great work.

Not to worry! I have some things up my sleeve so be on the lookout for my fi…

Sunday Social

My brain is fuzzy because I got to sleep in !! What the what!?  The Mr. got up with Carson and got him situated with breakfast and whatnot so I could grab a few extra z's. The time change must've confused the boy because he went down for a nap early.
So now I have time to join in the Sunday Social that my girl Katiedoes each week. I usually want to but don't always have the time. Today I do. Winning.

What is one movie you are terrified to watch? Pretty much anything scary. House at the End of the Street, The Strangers.....all that can count me out! What is one TV show you have always wanted to get into, but haven't yet? Hmmm.....not sure. The Mr. watches a variety of shows but I don't really commit to any one thing unless I'm super moved. Nothing really on my list right now. What is one daring activity on your bucket list? I don't know that it's so daring....I'd like to travel to Europe I think. I never wanted to go before but I'…

Daily Style: Printed Pants Edition

I love seeing photos of all different types of women in their printed pants from floral to bold graphics, camo and polka-dots this was not really a trend I thought I would try.

Enter my friend Heather. She always has on the cutest pants. Always. From prints to colors she is not shy about her style. She's not a "fashion blogger" but she is definitely a stylish mama and I think she's just the right amount of casual and put together. In fact Heather has actually inspired quite a few of my sartorial choices (lavender cords...hello) so when I saw these pants at Target I knew I had to get them. They seemed like something she would wear. And since they were also on sale for $10 or so it seemed like a decent purchase. Somewhat trendy but not too spendy. Right up my alley.

Top: Nordstrom Rack / Pants: Target (similar) / Shoes: Sole Society

I wore these over to my girlfriends for a 'food prep' date (hence the black patterned pants) and they were perfect. The weight is …

2013: A Style Resolution or Revolution

image source

If the beginning of a new year is all about renewal and making ourselves over I don't intend to limit myself to just the physical (workout more/ eat better), the mundane (develop and stick to a cleaning schedule), or the aspirational (blog consistently, work on more campaigns, build brand). I have sartorial resolutions as well.  My style has gotten a major overhaul in the last few years (thank you FIDM and Hautelook) mostly in part due to the fact that I attended fashion school and the girls there were.....well they had their own style for sure. And then I went to work for one of the top E-Commerce fashion sites and it was like a catwalk In the beginning I had no idea what I was doing and some days I still don't. But I love how fashion makes me feel and how I get inspired from other people's ensembles. So I decided that I'm going to make some style resolutions this year. I feel like I now have a firm grip on my ever evolving style and don…