Sunday Night Rambling

Oy. I did not intend for so many days to go by without posting!

Happy Super Bowl Sunday y'all!
Was that a great game or what? I'm admittedly a somewhat biased 49er fan (have been for years) as my brother's BFF is the tight ends coach. So I was bummed to see them go so far only to have it all slip through their fingers.....Good job Reg!! We are so proud of you!!
 We spent the day at home working on science projects and just chilling out.
It has been a bit BA-NAN-AS around here these past few days.
I am was super procrastinating on the party prep for the boys 1st birthday extravaganza and had to take a few days to get my head (and plans) together.
Monday, I went to go book the park facility where the shindig will take place and while leaving the city center I whacked my head on my car door.
Yeah. That was awesome.
Hurt like a mother bear too! It took everything in my power not to burst into tears right there in the parking lot.
Kind of threw a monkey wrench in my plans for the day as I suddenly had a splitting headache and needed to clean my wound.
It also made me less inclined to want to take outfit photos. Which is a bummer cuz I actually really liked a few of the ensembles I created turned out!                              
Also because I hand made the invitations it took me a couple of late nights to get them all squared away. Me & my glue gun have had a serious love/hate relationship this week.

I have been in some deep denial that the boys party was coming up so quickly and am scrambling to get on top of my "to-do" list!
Yesterday we made a fun trip with my dad to The Children's Place to style an outfit for his big day. I am so happy with all the cool clothes he now has! Hooray for easy to mix and match pieces that keep my little dude looking fresh!
(note: this photo is not of the clothes but his face & those shoes leave me speechless!)

On another note: I officially purchased my ticket for Blissdom in March and I am SO excited! I plan on purchasing my plane ticket tonight and will then be on the lookout for a roommate!
Are you going?
I am a both a bundle of nerves and a ball of excitement at the mere thought of connecting with all these bloggers!! Eeek! What to wear!? How to pack!?? So much to do between now and then! MUST. MAKE. LISTS.
Lots and lots of lists.
I have no idea how it's going to work with the baby and Sweet Pea's school schedule but by the grace of God I'm going y'all!!
On the heels of last week's Alt Summit SLC and all the fabulous tweets, Instagram's, and blog recaps I just found out that not only are they having Alt NYC on June 20th but they are also having  one in San Francisco in July!!
What the what!??
Can you say EXCITED!!

I fell in love with a few more pieces in my wardrobe and hope to have a shopping post for you all later this week. As well as some OOT (outfit of the day) photos from the cell phone diaries.

Please bear with me as it may get a little cray around here for awhile. It's been awhile since I've planned a party with such abandon and access to so many cute ideas!!

So - what did I miss? What have y'all been up to?


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