No Love Lost : Prabal Gurung for Target

By now you've all seen the photos of the latest designer collab at Target no?
If not, you'll recall my post  about the pieces I saw that piqued my interest in the magazine and online. Prabal Gurung is the latest designer to work with the retailer on a limited edition collection for this spring. Dubbed the "LOVE" collection the pieces were bright fun and looked like this was just the thing to bring Target back from their holiday debacle with Neiman's .
Like many others, I diligently made my way to Tar-jay on Sunday to check out the new collection (hey we NEEDED toilet paper!) and was kind of dismayed to find such a sad looking layout for the shoes, accessories and the clothes. I mean, if you're going to do a collection then make it stand out right?

Not so much, it seemed. It was all mingled in with the 'everyday' stuff and didn't stand out. Most of the racks seemed a bit picked over and most of the pieces weren't even available in stores (as with all Target collaborations they only allow for certain pieces to be sold in stores creating that much more of a frenzy [hello missoni])
I found one of the pieces, the Floral Crush dress, that I was looking to try on but none of the shoes.
And the dress totally not my size. Lucky for me on my way to the dressing room I ran into the rack of "go-backs" and found both the First Date shirt and the Floral Crush dress in my respective sizes! I had heard the sizing ran 'funny' so I made sure to take the other sizes in as well.

So as I've said before, I'm not really big on floral prints, but something about this collection spoke to me. Maybe it's because I've got a case of the winter blahs and am ready to move on into the spring and summer hues but it made me happy some how.

The first piece I tried was that killer looking red dress in the collage above. Great on the model. On me? Uggh.
Not so much.

The top totally flattened out my boobs and made my shoulders look more broad than they really are and cut me in half. I did however love the pockets and the details of dress.

But the fit was awful for me. Towering at 5'4" I pretty much know what kinds of dresses I can get away with (some make look tricky with flats but look amazing paired with heels) and this is one I couldn't even begin to make work. At first I thought it was the nursing bra but alas......I was wrong.
It just didn't work plain and simple. I hate when that happens.

I'm still on the fence about this shirt. I like it. I kind of love it......but I'm not fully ready to commit to it. I mean I can see how to style it but I kind of feel like the cut may be a little loose and too boxy for my shape. But we shall see.

I tried on this dress and was/am still a little unsure since it is SO bold but then I thought, if I don't take risks now.....when will I? So it came home with me. We'll see if it stays here.
It definitely needs a belt and in the commercials they used a shiny black I chose a bright patent coral/orange. 
I know I have a myriad of shoes to go with it so that's not even a question. 

What do you think of the bright dress?

I know a lot of people weren't super impressed with the collection or the quality of the pieces and I totally get that. There were a few shirts that looked great in the look book and online but just didn't make the grade in real life. Check out my girl Erica over at The Glamorous Gleam , she has a great breakdown of the pieces she tried and a few that were on my list as well like this and this.

While I don't think it's the best quality collection's TARGET people! I know we've all come to expect more but I think at some point we have to think about who their target audience is and not just about what we would do in their shoes. 
That said, I am not as gung ho as I could've been and am not even interested in searching for any of the pieces my store didn't have as it seems everyone on my IG feed ended up with the same pieces!

How's that for original style content?!! Ha!

{p.s. that would make a great link up - how do you wear your Love?" ......Just sayin} 

So you tell me....did you fall in "Love" with Prabal for Target? What did you buy? What turned you off?


  1. I really liked the collection, maybe it had a lot to do with that amazing commercial they put together that even brought tears to my eyes? Or maybe it's because both stores around we were basically sold out of EVERYTHING so I only got to see the glossy phots....who knows! But what I do know is that you BETTER keep that white & floral dress because you are working it!!!! And I do not lie.



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