Closet Clean-Up: Denim Style

You may recall I am a bit nuts about my closet organization. If I had my way I'd have a beautiful walk in with separate shelving for everything. So I can see all of my things.

jewelry storage - Mary Alice Stephenson accessories
Ummm yes please!!!! I might actually get to wear my shoes!!
so dreamy!

 And a vanity for all of my makeup.
Love :)
master closet. shelves above, drawers below, hanging racks in middle.
A girl can dream right?

Well, in my continued effort to pare down the wardrobe to what I really wear, what works etc....
I tackled the dreaded denim problem. I have a ton of jeans. I mean it. It's kind of obscene I guess.
Or maybe not. I'm sure there are many out there with more. But it's a staple of my wardrobe so it is what it is.
Anywho. I've realized that if I don't see it I won't wear it so I am continually trying to make my closet and drawers more visually appealing so I am inspired when I look through them.
Last month I cleaned out my purses. Purged quite a bit and was happy to do it.  
Then, I went to Ikea and purchased a set of storage containers from the ever awesome SKUBB line (in purple naturally) and used them to store my sweaters and some tote bags that were taking up space. So that left quite a bit of room on the top shelf.

I took all the jeans off the hangers ,threw them on the bed and began to sort them by style. Then I  folded and stacked them accordingly. Skinny, Boot Cut & Straight.

I then organized the remaining hanging items by color and.......voila! 

It took me less than an hour and I know have a nicely organized pants section.
I'm pretty happy with how it all turned out. 

(Hanging - all colored denim, boyfriend jeans and miscellaneous pants {i.e. cargos/cords....})

Of course that got my juices flowing to 'fix' the rest of my closet and  day dreaming about the best way to display/store my shoes...... but it was getting late and the Mr. wanted to go to bed.

Until we meet again organization muses......

Do you organize your closet? Am I just nuts?


  1. I love your dream closets. I had my own closet until I got married then it became "our" closet. I prefer it when it was my closet because I had twice the space ;) Stopping by from the Blissdom attendee list.

  2. Hope you're enjoying your new design! It was a pleasure to work with you on this! X

  3. Oh my, I'm nuts for closet organization too. I'm dying to renovate an area in our house for my perfect closet :) Love your blog name - so cute! Perhaps we could follow each other?

    xo Lulu


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