Weekend Staples: Denim Shirt + White Tank + Leggings

Wardrobe Staple: Denim Shirt + White Tank

Some of the easiest outfit pieces for me to throw on these days aside from my boyfriend jeans are leggings, a denim (chambray) shirt and a white tank. Those three pieces mix and match with everything I have in my closet and can be re-mixed in so many fun ways!
These are my go to pieces on the days Camryn gets out of school early and I don't have time to really 'outfit plan' for the afternoon pick up. [Translation, I barely got a shower and was able to put on makeup so this is what you get] Or I just can't get it together and pick an outfit.
I love how versatile the leggings can be. Ranging from everyday cotton leggings to the trendy faux leather or the edgy studded version. Simple pieces paired with a variety of shoes makes the outfit possibilities endless!
I would totally rock the leather leggings with the classic Chuck Taylor sneakers for a fun edgy twist. The dressed down appeal of the chambray shirt makes the studded leggings more 'mom friendly' when paired with the casual wedge boot. Ballet flats with any pair of bottoms keeps the look super casual and comfy. All I need to add are a jacket and possibly a scarf and I am ready for whatever the day may hold!

How do you feel about your staples being re-imagined with new embellishments?
Does it make you want to upgrade them, DIY it on your own or leave well enough alone?


  1. These are my weekend staples, too! Minus the boots and flats though...I live for my classic Chucks ;)


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