Tuesday Style Inspiration

As I gather my thoughts for  my 2013 style resolutions and begin to purge my closet to get that ever elusive working wardrobe of my dreams, I have created yet another style inspiration pin board.
I had one previously but it was kind of a hodge podge so this particular one is dedicated to both blogger and celeb street style.
I like to see everyday women interpret the trends and make them work for them. (which is why I link up to WIWW)
I also like to see what the fabulous & glamorous set are wearing and figure out how I can make that work for me. Or rather what is it that I like and how I can make it my own.
It's like a puzzle of sorts.
So I decided to make a quick collage of some of the looks I'm really feeling lately.
It helps me when ultimately re-organizing my closet and drawers.

Street Style Inspiration
If I see a pattern I can hone in on it and immediately try to replicate the look on my own.
Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.
Either way I'm always inspired.

The other way I get inspired is by reading other 'fashion' bloggers. I use the term fashion bloggers loosely because some of them may or may not consider themselves to be as such. I love to read their blogs, see what they're wearing ,what they're pinning and how I can get some of their cool to rub off on me.
So without further ado: here are some of my recent blog/fashion crushes

In case you haven't noticed, I've been an active member of Jill's "IT" list for the last few weeks. But that isn't why I'm crushing on her. I've actually been reading her blog for awhile and totally dig her style. It just seems so relatable and like something you could imagine in real life. Not just styled for the blog.
Pinned Image
jillgg's good life (for less) | a style blog: my outfit: October?!?

Omg. I just discovered this blog thanks to Jill and I am already obsessed with her style! While it's a bit more preppy than my own, I just love how she puts things together! You'd never know she was a mother of two.

Sweats & leather via @Beth Parker
 And look at that - a REAL mama rocking leather leggings!!

I happen to know Ashley in real life and she is just as cute in person as she is on her blog.
She pretty much has my ideal wardrobe if I was single and in my twenties...again.
A good mix of preppy, classic and edgy her endless zeal for shoes makes her a woman after my own heart.....but with a lot more disposable income :)

Red Suede Shoes ft. @Sole Society

Life, Love and the Pursuit of Shoes: Camo x Louboutin

I've mentioned Mandy and what a doll she is before but I don't think I touched on how much I love her style. Our aesthetics are pretty similar and it's always fun to see things on Pinterest and go to re-pin and see they were showing because she pinned them! Ha!
in the fashion lane: What I Wore: Winter Date Night

in the fashion lane: What I Wore: Ways to Wear

I mean.....how cute is she? 
Go check out these blogs and tell me what you think!

Who inspires your style?


  1. I totally agree with you on how to hone your style. I like the relatable pics/blogs/bloggers/people so much more than the high fashion. I like to make it work for me.

    Thanks for the kind word and the feature! You made my whole day.

    Now I have a couple more blogs to stalk as well!

  2. I love sourcing from what is out there and mixing others ideas in with my own. It has been a great way to get outside of my comfort zone. Digging what you are doing here.


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