New Year = New Makeup

mascara pouch
 As long as I can remember I've been obsessed with playing up my eyes and have spent years messing around with color combinations and searching for just the right mix for the perfect daytime look. Not too fussy or overly done. And it worked for years. But I'm going to be 34 this year and feel the need to try a new sort of 'signature' look. I wear makeup pretty much everyday (even when I'm not leaving the house) and am thinking that for this year I want to incorporate a few new things into my repertoire. Something that draws attention to my eyes without looking like a drag queen or overly made up. I tend to play it quite safe on a daily basis. Simple eyeshadow, mascara, some understated eyeliner and lip gloss but lately.....I've been itching to expand beyond the basics.

Here's what I'm going to add:
The semi cat eye/ winged liner - I love the look of a crazy bold winged out eye + lashes for nights out on the town or any special occasion really.
winged eyeliner + bold nails

But I also love the simplicity of a semi cat eye or slightly winged liner and keeping the rest of the look clean.
Kerry Washington via Sweet Emotions Makeup Artistry Blog

Wing tip eye liner will add some pizazz to your makeup look as long as it's in proportion to your features.

Definitely right my alley and as always - can take me from Carpool to Cocktails with the addition of  some lipstick or gloss!
party season makeup. Red lip and a winged liner - you really can't go wrong!

The other thing I must try this year: a bold lip.
I pretty much stick to neutral hues when it comes to my lipsticks/glosses. I wear bold eye-shadow combos pretty often and have mastered playing up that feature but  lately I have been feeling a bit daring and have decided that this year.....this year is the year I bust out with a bold lip color. Not necessarily red (the Mr. is not a fan) but something in that family that will maximize my pucker and stand out! I have seen a couple berry shades that I am intrigued by and am leaning towards. But have yet to take the plunge.
Middle part

lip colour

Ultimately I am a makeup chicken when it comes to stepping out of my comfort zone in the lip area. Odd, I have no problem wearing green eye shadow or liner but can't seem to be able to try out a berry stained kisser. Weird.
So this year will be the year for it mark my words. Signature cat eye for daytime look and a bold lip. I might even bust them both out before the end of the month!
(ohh yeah, that's me, walking on the wild side!!)

Are there any beauty looks you're dying to try this year? Any you want to see me try out?


  1. CAN'T WAIT to see both of those trends on you! I bought a red lipstick today. I KNOW. Look at the influence you have over me, girl! haha


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